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Sculpture art classes in Dubai

Sculpture art classes in Dubai
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Learn to Sculpt: A Hobby with Many Benefits

In an expansive art world, sculpting might be a niche, but not at skilldeer. We’re committed to bringing you a diverse range of sculpting classes to help you discover new hobbies and passions. Whether you’re looking to create lifelike masterpieces like Michelangelo’s Pieta or want to try your hand at a new artistic medium, attending our sculpting workshop is your best bet and will enable you to create your own DIY sculpture.

In literal terms, sculpting is the process through which an artist’s idea takes shape. Though not an easy art form to master overnight, anything’s possible with the right guidance and practice. At skilldeer, we partner with vetted service providers to ensure that you learn to sculpt from the best of the best. Though not the most popular artistic style, many experienced and talented instructors offer sculpture making classes in Dubai. We offer classes in Bur Dubai, Mirdif, Business Bay, Jumeirah Village Circle and more. 

If you are new to sculpting, the best way to get started is to get a step by step sculpting tutorial by one of our professional sculpting instructors who not only giving clay sculpting classes (most popular) but can also teach you how to work with many other sculpting materials such as newspapers or resin.

Why Should You Learn How to Sculpt? 

Great form of creative expression

Whether you need a stress reliever or just want to unleash your creativity, a sculpting workshop  will challenge your imagination and allow you to get hands-on with the material, be it clay, resin, wood, granite or glass. 

Art therapy for patients with dementia 

A study that explored the benefits of sculpting on patients with dementia found that the experience helped “increase personal awareness, identification with oneself and relations with others, intensified by group interactions amidst the sensory stimulation of the outdoor world.” 

Develop analytical skills 

As you work with proportions and dimensions, you’ll notice an improvement in your analytical skills and develop spatial awareness.

Which Sculpting Class Should You Choose? 

Group vs. Private

If you work best in a group setting and want to enjoy the added advantage of a lower cost, group sculpting classes are ideal for you. If you’re a complete beginner and need individual attention from the instructor, opt for one of our many private classes. 

Skill level 

We offer many sculpting classes suitable for beginners, but if you’re someone who has prior experience, take one of our private classes, where the instructor will tailor the class according to your skill level.