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Baking classes in Dubai

Baking classes in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

Bake Like A Master Baker

Baking an art where you show off your talent of ingredients and decoration to create tasty treats whether it's as appetizers, main courses or desserts! Scroll through our numerous baking classes and pick the ones that call out to your passion and show you how to create new and innovative dishes that are completely your taste and style!

There are various baking courses in Dubai that help you brush up your skill of baking. So don’t worry if you are new to this or you are looking for something more, our baking courses range from baking for beginners to professional baking courses for the bakers seeking a career in that field. So scroll away and click what fits your best!  

Muffins, Macarons & More

Our Baking classes offer all types of baking courses. You can also make cakes and even learn how to make macarons! Those who are interested in baking cake can take up courses like Baking cakes 101, and Jar cakes and muffins for tea time. 

In these courses, apart from baking cake, you will also get to learn the preparation of ganache and icing as well as learning to decorate cakes. 

Savory, Sweet & Healthy

Apart from cake making courses, our list also imparts baking lessons on savory creations like learning to make pizzas and the lot. So whether you want to learn pastry making or how to bake brownies or pizzas and savoury buns, we have it covered! Include in that a dose of healthy baking with gluten free recipes, less sugars and vegan friendly ingredients, we have the list complete!

Fellow Bakers

Learning baking basics or professional courses in a class not just satisfies your passion for the art but you will meet like minded people who share your love for the art as well! You might even make a few friends where you can trade recipes and bake together! If you are not the crowd type, we have classes where a talented chef will come to you and you can learn baking at home!

Inside Knowledge

Booking baking classes on our website means you get experience straight from the professionals! Joining these baking courses means you get an inside knowledge into how the baking world works and where you can make your mark if you want to go the professional route!

Festive Seasons

If there is one thing that everyone gets into the kitchen to bake for, it's the festive season! Be it Christmas, Eid, New Year, Easter or Halloween, no party is complete without a bit of baking! Scroll through our website and check out classes where you will get delicious recipes and learn baking for christmas, baking cakes for eid or whichever festival is coming!