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Life coaching and psychology seminars in Dubai

Life coaching and psychology seminars in Dubai
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What skilldeer offers with Life Coaching & Psychology

We might be well known for offering classes on art, dance, sports and different types of learning but we are also pro ‘self-healing’! We have tons of life coaching sessions for those who need a bit of advice in all things related to self happiness, career, and relationships. We also list counseling courses and therapy courses for those who want to take it up a notch and help others. So if you want a quick overview of our most popular types of coaching, then check on the list below!

Reiki Healing  

A practice that uses palm healing or “hands-on” healing, Reiki is famous for its practice that uses “universal energy” to be transferred from the palms of the practitioner to the patient. If some spiritual connection is what you are looking for then book Reiki healing with us to get that needed relaxation and well being you seek in life. If you love this type of healing and you want to learn it for yourself then we have tons of reiki healing courses for you to choose from!

Relationship Coaching

 All relationships are bound to have some struggles, ups and downs along the way. It's what makes your relationship with your partner, family or friends all the more stronger. Our relationship coaching gives you the best counseling with professional life coaches. We have all sorts of marriage counseling for long term married spouses to couples counseling for worried couples who are entering their big wedding day.

Emotional Healing

Give yourself some ‘me-time’, overcome everything that overwhelms you and heal yourself from the pains and traumas you’ve experienced. Our Emotional healing sessions will help you relax and achieve the peace you are looking for. We have:

Self Discovery courses - If you are struggling with inner turmoil, questioning your purpose in life then our self-discovery courses will unlock your potential and give you the chance to learn more about yourself.

Art Therapy - Art is known to have a soothing effect on us. Our Art therapy sessions gives you a list of art therapy activities that will help you let go of your every day stress and relax in a soothing environment with like-minded people.

Career Advice & Coaching

Stress at work, troubles with the boss, advancing in career…all that and much more are covered in our list of career coaching where we have partnered with professionals who give career coaching services. You will find all sorts of career advice from how to advance in career to stress management at work.

Women Empowerment

 skilldeer is all up for women empowerment. In fact, our editorial team consists of all females! And that’s why we don’t bat an eye when it comes to providing women empowerment classes! So if you are googling classes or coaching on how to be a female leader, then we have all that and much more covered!

Private & Group Sessions

Our Life coaching & psychology courses/sessions can be taken with both private and group. Counseling, healing and coaching are mostly done with one-on-one sessions while group activities like art therapy, laughter therapy and career coaching are taken with both group and private classes.

Courses or Coaching?

We offer both coaching and courses. For those who would love to learn Reiki then we have Reiki courses as well as other life coaching & psychology classes like chakra healing courses and certified therapy courses. It’s up to you to choose whichever you want and where you want it.