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Pottery classes in Dubai

Pottery classes in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

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Clay and Ceramic pots are great decorative, durable pieces to spruce up your home decor, and taking up a pottery class can be a great hands-on experience to up your gift-giving practices.  

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just really want to try out that steamy scene in Ghost (we know we want to), you can always count on us for clay pottery making or ceramics making classes.

Why should you consider pottery?

It’s Creative! 

Pottery can act as a great creative outlet, allowing you to get your hands dirty and a way to express yourself. Similar to clay, you can mold yourself into the artist you’d like to be, with cool techniques and tricks you’ve learnt from our pottery classes

Arthritis, who?

The gentle movement of pottery making works wonders for your fingers, wrists and arms. Especially for those who are prone to arthritis, this is a great hobby that promotes joint movement and can help avoid any stiffness to your hands.

It's calming and therapeutic

It's all about self-expression and letting loose in these classes. The pottery experience helps combat stress, depression and can lead to a more optimistic outlook.

How to pick which pottery class suits you best?

Skill Level

Majority of the classes offered on our website are suitable for beginners. So you’ll be taught every aspect of the art, from conditioning your clay to decorating your finished product. But pottery classes in Dubai, although hard to find, can accommodate a wide range of skill sets and be a great place to experiment for intermediate and advanced participants. 

Type of Class

We like knowing our customers are comfortable in the classes they book from us. Which is why our pottery workshops can be offered as both group and private classes, where group class sizes range from 2-5 and our private classes provide 1-on-1 attention. So whether you’re interested in meeting people of similar interests or want to master an art by yourself, skilldeer has you covered!

Materials used 

Always ensure that you’re aware of what clay you’ll be working with before you begin the class; this makes it easier for you to decide your designs and glazing. The type of clay used determines the final outcome and the technique you'll be using to create you’re final product. 

Things to keep in mind before you attend your pottery class:

  • Wear easy-to-clean, loose and comfortable clothing and shoes 
  • Ensure that you read up on pottery making so you’re prepared for what to expect during the class and what you’ll be doing.
  • Consult your instructor on what kind of clay you’ll be working with, so you can come up with your designs accordingly.
  • Pottery tends to dry your hands out, so moisturizer after the session is a must!