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Italian cooking classes in Dubai

Italian cooking classes in Dubai
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All About the Essentials of Italian Cooking 

Learn to cook Italian food to bring the authentic flavors of Italian cooking to your kitchen and enjoy some of Italy’s best culinary offerings from the comfort of your own home. Get started with Italian cooking classes in Dubai to prepare a range of authentic Italian appetizers, entrees, and desserts at home. From making fresh pasta and pizza dough to learning an array of sauces and stews, our Italian cooking lessons cover it all to ensure your weeknight dinners are easy to prepare and delicious to boot. 

At skilldeer, we partner with vetted, professional service providers to ensure you learn how to cook Italian food from the best of the best with Italian cooking classes in Dubai. Our Italian cooking lessons are available in a range of locations around Dubai, including the Palm Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Manara, Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Jumeirah, and more. 

An introduction to everyday Italian cuisine 

While pizza and pasta may be quintessential Italian meals, that’s not all there is to Italian recipes and Italian cooking classes. Italian cuisine carries an array of flavors, which stem from fresh produce, olive oil, prosciutto, and more, all of which you can expect to learn all about at your Italian cooking lessons. When you learn how to cook Italian food, you’ll find that a typical Italian meal starts with antipasti, the traditional first course of an Italian meal, which comprises various cheeses and an assortment of vegetables and cured meats. Next, your Italian cooking classes will teach you how to make a simple pasta dish, risotto or even a meat-based stew. But no meal is complete without a dessert and if you want to end your Italian meal on a sweet note, learn how to make cannolis or tiramisu in one of our Italian food classes. 

Tips to cook like an Italian

- Choose the right type of olive oil when you learn how to cook Italian food. With many varieties to pick from, it can be easy to get confused, but light olive oil is used for general cooking, while virgin olive oil is ideal for baking or sauteing, and extra virgin olive oil is the best pick for salads and salad dressings. 

- Always opt for fresh produce. A major component of cooking Italian food is using the best, seasonal ingredients, so ensure you avoid picking out products that may have been sitting in the store for too long. 

- Use fresh herbs in your cooking. As with using fresh produce, fresh herbs can make or break your meal because Italian recipes and Italian cooking classes often call for fresh parsley, thyme, mint, and more, so instead of using dried herbs, purchase fresh ones from your local grocery store. 

- Learn to cook your pasta perfectly. If you’re prone to overcooking or undercooking your pasta, take an Italian cooking class in Dubai to ensure you never go wrong again. Perfect pasta is cooked ‘al dente,’ which means it’s still a little firm to the bite. Simply use a large pot, salt it, and follow the instructions on the package if using pre-made pasta. 

- Shred your own cheese. Buy a block of Parmigiano or mozzarella and shred your own cheese at home instead of opting for pre-packaged cheeses.