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Soap making classes

Soap making classes
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How to Make Soap in Dubai: A Complete Guide

Want to treat your skin right? Ditch those unpronounceable chemicals and go au naturale with a handmade soap. Commercially-produced soaps are often made with chemical detergents, hardeners, and synthetic lathering agents, none of which are ideal ingredients for your skin. Here at skilldeer, we’re committed to providing you with a range of soap making classes to fulfill all your organic skincare needs. 

Whether your skin is too sensitive for store-bought soap products or you just want to give a customized gift that’s guaranteed to impress, a DIY soap class will help you learn how to make soap at home. We partner with vetted service providers to ensure you master the ins and outs of handmade soap making from experienced instructors. 

Organic soap making in Dubai has experienced a boom in recent years, with several natural soap-makers, such as the Camel Soap Factory, making a name for themselves in the market. Now, you can join the organic party and try soap making at home, regardless of where you are in Dubai. We offer classes in Mirdif, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Business Bay, Al Karama, and more for your convenience and satisfaction. If you’d like to branch out and expand your natural skincare line, check out our DIY bath bombs or DIY body products classes. 

What are the Benefits of Making Homemade Soap? 

  1. Better for your skin
    Skin is the human body’s largest organ, so might as well treat it right with natural ingredients. Homemade soap consists only of a handful of components, such as oils, butters, lye, and other natural additives. In addition to moisturizing your skin, you can make your own soap to treat specific skin conditions, if any. 
  2. Cruelty-free
    Love animals? Most commercially-produced soaps don’t. Large soap manufacturing companies test their products on animals. Since homemade soaps are often made with ingredients you might have in your kitchen cabinet, it’s guaranteed to be cruelty-free. 
  3. Wide variety
    With handcrafted soap making, you’ll never run out of options. Regardless of your preferences, there’s a natural ingredient to suit your needs. Follow a soap making tutorial and learn how to use various kinds of butters, flowers, and exfoliants, such as coffee or almonds, to create the perfect custom soap. 

What Can You Expect to Learn in One of Our Soap Making Classes? 

  1. How to use soap molds
  2. The best essential oils to suit your skin type
  3. How to mold soaps into different shapes
  4. Adding herbs, flowers, and oils for fragrance
  5. How to pick ingredients to treat specific skin conditions 
  6. Safety techniques you need to keep in mind when handling ingredients such as lye and glycerine