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Arts and crafts classes in Dubai

Arts and crafts classes in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

For One of a Kind Artwork!

Welcome to the page where you will find crafting and creatives like nowhere else! Everything from cool  amigurumi class that teaches you how to knit dolls (don’t worry, unlike Anabelle, these are cute-sy, loveable ones), or origami classes where you can learn the art of Japanese paper folding to crazy classes like making portraits out of badminton shuttlecock feathers can all be found with simple scrolling and clicking. 

But it’s not just out-of-the-box, whacky ones. You can enroll in classes that will teach you to DIY journals or how to make scrapbooks as a touching, heartfelt gift to your loved ones. What else, you ask? Read on below to see our top three picks of the different types of “other crafting” you won't find anywhere else!

Wall Decor - Wall decors bring beauty to a home. It’s like an added artwork that brings color to your surroundings. You can learn all types of decor with our DIY wall decor classes. Creative instructors will show you different types of DIY wall art. Learn how to make picture frames or how to make wall clocks that go with your house decor tastes. If you want to make something a little more unique, artsy and has a bit of culture then we have classes that teaches you how to make dreamcatchers. Book with us and create DIY dreamcatchers with pretty colors and artistry that chases away nightmares. 

Amigurumi - The name might not sound popular, but the art totally is! Our Amigurumi classes will show you how to knit dolls that are cute, colorful and the perfect gift for those who love a little plushy! 

Paper Art - Paper art is pretty in its own way. Learn how to make paper flowers with our tons of cool crafting classes. You can make paper roses, jasmines and what not. But our tons of paper craft class don’t stick to just flowers. You can get a little adventurous and enroll in our origami classes to learn the art of paper folding to create complex crazy designs.

Reasons to Learn a Craft

Craft workshops provide a different form of relaxation: Craft classes can be a meditative experience, so roll up your sleeves, bust out your creativity, and prepare to unwind after a long week by creating something rewarding. 

Craft making can be a source of inspiration: Feel like you’re stuck in a rut of old routines? Taking up a new hobby can help ease you out of your slump and craft classes can be mentally and physically stimulating in the best of ways.  

Learn a craft to meet new people or bond with loved ones: In addition to private workshops, we also offer group craft classes for those looking to expand their social circle. Crafting with your loved ones can also be a great bonding experience.