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Candle making classes

Candle making classes
We found these awesome courses for you:

The Art on How to Make Candles

Candles are a great way to decorate your place! They are cost effective, give out wonderful scents and are useful in the dark. So, you might wonder why you need to create your own candles when you can buy from any store. From unique scents that is only yours to make to breath-taking designs that only you can create, learn how to make candles with one of our candle-making classes near you to make truly different candles that no stores can sell. Handpicked by us, we have all sorts of classes from professional candle making courses, candle carving classes, the simple candle making workshop and tons more around Dubai. All you have to do is just scroll and click through our page.

Other than having tons of cool ‘how to make DIY candle’ group classes across Dubai we also have candle making at home for beginners for those who love some quiet and concentration. So, start scrolling and . read on below to find out the reasons why you start making your own DIY candles. 

Signature Scent & Design

Vanilla and berries? Why go for the generic ones when you can create your own scented candles and designs? Learn how to make scented candles or custom-make them from scratch with all things wax and wicks. Create scents of mandarins, sandalwoods, spices and make shapes and designs that you won’t find in any store with our various workshops of candle making for beginners. 

Recycle (Decoupage)

If you have plain looking candle bars that you barely used and ones that will only last for another couple of flames, it’s time to give them a new shine! This is all about DIY Candles, where you can recycle your old candles into new ones with decoupage and learn how to decorate a candle with one of our candle making courses. 
Candle making classes are not just about creating new ones, it’s also about turning the old into new and our various candle making tutorials will show you just how. 


Now this might be a common one but still underestimated as to how beautiful candles can amp up your décor. You have a flower stand? Place a candle in the middle of it to make it look divine. Empty showcases or stands? Keep candle centerpieces and it will capture the eyes of your visitors. Guests coming to your house and you want them to be impressed? Only one answer- light up those candles around your house! You can also learn how to make DIY candles that fits your home décor and colors perfectly!
No matter what the occasion is, a family dinner, a romantic date, a creepy Halloween party, a candle décor done right can make the environment that much more striking. 

Sustainable Candles – Go Green!

Candles are all about wax. But different type of candle wax means loads to choose from and hence comes the sustainable wax from soy beans! Unlike the other wax that can be harmful to the environment, soy beans are natural and can be harvested. So make your own candles, make them sustainable and save the earth while doing something you love!

Turn Hobby into Work

Like all other craft, candle making can bring in the income. It’s a hobby that is productive and one that is easier to sell than paintings and accessories. Everyone wants candles whether its for decorative purposes or for prayers. So, make hand-crafted and personalized candles that is unique and exactly what the customer wants. 

Personalized Gifts

Who doesn’t appreciate a box of pretty custom made candles with their names on it? Attend one of our fun candle making workshops, learn to create one with cool designs, heart-touching messages and abstract colors as the perfect gifts to your favorite people.