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Jewelry design courses in Dubai

Jewelry design courses in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

The Art of Making Your Own Jewellery

Worry no more! All your search for a jewellery making course has come to an end. From jewellery making classes to crafting your final product, skilldeer offers a variety of jewellery making workshops for all sorts of enthusiasts. Whether you are seeking for a professional course or a workshop to indulge as a hobby, we have different kinds of jewelry making classes from creating custom rings, various designs for custom necklace, beads and pearls and even clay! Learn how to make jewelry today!
You will find all of them and much more here without googling for each one you are looking for and ending up with perhaps none that matches your taste. Find out our various Jewellery design course in different areas in Dubai such as Jumeirah and Bur Dubai. 

A Money-Making Hobby

Just like the shops that sell pretty little jewellery to customers, your designs could catch the eye of people with your own tastes. Learning to make jewellery could be another way to create your own income by selling your designs on the sides or the first small step to starting your own business! We have lots of Jewellery making classes for beginners 

An Outlet for Creativity

Like all things that are art, Jewellery designing is also a form of expressing your creativity. Make your own necklaces, gold rings, or bracelets all forms of your imagination with a jewellery design workshop listed on our website. What your eyes see and what your mind imagines are chiseled into your designs on various accessories. And unlike other forms of art, this is one which you can wear!


Instead of opting for the ready-made store brought accessories, gift your loved ones the style they like with messages or their names carved into those very same accessories! Pendants with names, bracelets with messages or earrings with cool designs, all are more valuable when they are hand-crafted jewellery from you! If you are looking for a jewelry making tutorials, we have tons of jewellery making classes for beginners  that you can choose from. 


Once you attend one of our numerous Jewellery making courses, you can use your beautiful designs to display them in various jewellery exhibitions. Just like all artwork, displaying your designs will get you noticed by scouts or for enthusiast buyers who will snatch a piece for your price. It’s a perfect way to announce your entrance to the jewellery designing world. 

How can I custom-make Jewellery designs?

DIY Jewelry designs with a private class! Skilldeer has variety of professional teachers that will show you the right tools to design your own jewelry that suits your tastes and fashion sense. These classes are usually taken in a private class where you can select your designs and items and the instructor will pour their attention to making sure you get what you booked for.