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Fashion & dressmaking courses in Dubai

Fashion & dressmaking courses in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

Didn’t find the dressmaking & fashion designing courses you’re looking for?

skilldeer is a platform where you can find various unique fashion designing courses in Dubai. We help you discover amazing training opportunities where you will be able to try out something new or learn more about a topic you are passionate about. At skilldeer, we partner with vetted service providers handpicked by our professionals to ensure that only quality instruction and proper training facilities are offered to our customers.

You can choose any type of fashion courses from dressmaking, sketching, tailoring, drawing and cutting patterns on your own, and all the way to making your own garments.

Professional courses or just hobbyists’ you ask? Well, you can find both! If you’re looking for a professional diploma certificate, or just want to learn basic tailoring as a hobby so you can alter those new, unfit clothes you bought, you’ll find them all here without needing to google all sorts of courses across Dubai and get lost in the details.

In case you still can’t find the fashion designing courses and dressmaking classes you are looking for or maybe you need one that is closer to where you live, then drop us an email at [email protected] or call our toll free number and our customer care will try their best to assist you.

Top 5 career paths you can pursue with fashion and dressmaking skills:

Wondering what career opportunities you will be able to pursue by taking such classes or how far you can take the skill? Well, here are the top 5 career paths that you can follow and make money out of your hobby:

1. Fashion Designers

This is the most obvious and one of the highest profile roles in the industry. There is no doubt that those who choose to study fashion designing courses are in the hopes of being a fashion designer and with good reason to boot. They are the geniuses who work on the design of clothing and fashion ranging from accessories, bags to shoes and of course clothes. Be it small retailers, big Paris events or just freelancing, you can’t have a rocking or chic-looking dress without a fashion designer.

2. Fashion Stylists

Fashion stylists are the brains (and hands) behind the models in photo shoots and the actors in films, styling them up to be those good-looking, hot lads and ladies. This role is quite an exciting and adventurous one as they can work on many media from magazines, films, advertisements, and photography.

3. Merchandisers

Out of the regular fashion world but still involved in it, merchandisers are involved mostly in purchasing the right fashion for online eCommerce websites or retail stores. They make sure fashion products appear in stores on the right time and the best assortment. Knowing what to put on the stores in the right season involves organizing sales and promotions with accuracy, which takes a lot of studying and experience.

4. Textile Designers

Textile designers are the ones that make 2D designs for patterns to be used in printed, woven and knitted fabrics. The main field textile designers take over? Carpets and upholstery. If fashion design for interiors is your thing (carpets, curtains, upholstery and the lot) then you’ll find yourself comfortably tucked here.

5. Retail Buyers

If merchandisers stock products in stores, then retail buyers decide beforehand which products or garments should be sourced and stocked for the coming season. This kind of job is perfect for those who love to go the business route in the fashion and fabric world. And yes, retail buyers are the ones putting those products for spring sales.

How to start a career in fashion?

1. Study

The first step is taking a professional course whether it’s a short-term fashion designing course or a diploma. You will be able to find plenty of classes, courses, and workshops in different areas of fashion design and dressmaking on our website.

2. Internships

You can then go on and apply for fashion internships where you will get the necessary work experience to propel your further. Internships are like a trial-run that will let you taste what the bigger world has to offer. It’s also a good place to make contacts, and build relationships to help you get where you want to.

3. Portfolio

But internship or not, a portfolio is a must for fashion designers. A portfolio consists of all your designs with professional experience and/or designs and ideas that are your own unique creations. This doesn’t mean you need to work in a big company to prove your talent. It could be a design you made for your own sibling, a school concert or anything else that counts.

Whatever it takes, work hard and don’t give up on your passion. Network with people, try hard to land that one job and pursue your dreams.

Top skills required to become a successful fashion designer:

1. High Creativity And Artistic Skills

Without this, there would be no fashion industry. Creativity and artistic skills are the backbone of being a fashion designer. The skill to create designs from nothing, the artistic ability to throw in colors together that blend like it was born to merge together, and the instincts to create beautiful outfits from raw materials. Imagination and style are key!

2. Drawing Skills

No one expects a fashion designer to be Picasso, but you still need the talent to draw (stick-man figures don’t count) and bring out the dress ideas in your head to a visual format. And this involves you drawing them out on paper or digitally.

3. Understanding Texture, Color And Fabric

You might ask what’s so difficult to understand about this but rather than understanding it’s about knowing when to use what and where to put two-and-two together. For that, you would need a detailed knowledge of the fabrics you use, colors, and what fabric would be best for which kind of designs and clothing styles.

4. Excellent Communication Skills

Your ideas are your own. That’s for sure. But to bring them out requires the effort of a team. Collaborating with your colleagues and helping designers is highly required. Therefore, communication and people-skill is a must-have skill in the fashion industry. Explore classes on our platform that will offer you quality communication skills training Dubai.

Technical skills you need to acquire…

The technical skills you need to acquire will depend largely on the exact role you want to excel at. A simple list to help you gain new skills and perhaps even a step above the others in the industry will include:

  1. Photoshop for editing models

  2. Photography to have fashion shoots

  3. CAD for fashion

Can I have a customized schedule for the class I book?

Although most of the fashion design classes would be following a fixed schedule, skilldeer still gives you an option with selected classes that are customizable. You will notice that all of our private classes have a flexible schedule since it only involves you and the instructor. Other selected classes have more than one-time slot where you can choose the time which is closer to your ideal timing.

Why shall I book my classes from skilldeer?

There are multiple benefits of booking classes on skilldeer platform, including:

Best Price Guarantee

Prices of classes on our website are the lowest you can get online. If you find the same class anywhere online for a lower price, then contact us and we will price-match.

Clear Schedules

When you explore our website, you will notice that we show clear schedules with the exact date and timing so that you know exactly when the class is taking place.

Terms & Conditions

We also have a standard user-friendly cancellation policy which always works for the best interest of our customers. For example, you are eligible for a 100% refund if you canceled your booking 48 hours before the class starts.

Continuous Support

Our customer care team will always be there to answer your questions, respond to your requests and assist you throughout your booking experience and even after.