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FAQs About Online Classes


1. How do your online classes work?

In contrast to many other websites, our online classes are not pre-recorded but delivered via live, online tutoring (also known as eLearning or distance learning) using video conferencing solutions. That means students will be able to receive a customized learning experience via real-time instruction. Since the concept of eLearning is new to many people, we are making sure that after you book a class, your instructor gets in touch with you to answer all your questions related to distance learning, required tools and schedule your first online class.

2. Which video conferencing solution can be used for online classes?

At the moment, several video conferencing solutions have been made available in the UAE, such as Zoom, Botim, Google Hangout, and Microsoft Teams. Our online tutoring sessions can be given through any one of these apps, which are free and easy to use. If you have any questions, your instructor will guide you prior to the start of the session to help you make the best of your online learning experience.

3. Are online classes priced the same as regular, in-person classes?

In addition to our regular best price guarantee policy, our online classes are further discounted by up to 70 percent compared to the same in-person class. If you’re interested in a class that you might’ve felt was too expensive before, this is your chance to learn the skill for a much lower price with the added convenience of home learning.

4. Where are your instructors from and are they verified?

Yes, all our instructors for online courses go through a vetting process to ensure that they’re professional and have the knowledge and experience to teach online tutoring classes. Our instructors are based in the UAE, which means you can shift smoothly from online learning to regular classes with the same instructor once the lockdown is lifted. We’re also committed to supporting the local community and want to ensure our instructors are earning an income during this time.

5. How do I know if an instructor is available at my preferred timing?

Distance learning or eLearning has one major advantage: Starting an online class takes only seconds since all you and your instructor need for online learning is a laptop and internet connection. Therefore, most of our online tutoring classes can be fully customized to your availability. Like our regular classes, the available times and dates for our online courses and classes are displayed in the respective schedule on the class page. After you’ve booked the class, the instructor will contact you to set the schedule for your online learning experience as per your convenience.

6. What materials will I need for an online class? Where can I get them?

No matter whether you are interested in an online workshop, webinar, or online course, for each of these classes, we’ve specified which materials are needed and it is stated in the class page under the section “Materials.” We’ve also ensured that the materials you may need for your remote learning are readily available and can be purchased easily. If you’re struggling to find something, your instructor can also guide you on where to buy the materials prior to the start of the class or even arrange to have it delivered to your premise.

7. What if I want to book an online class that is currently not available on your website?

If you’re unable to find the online class or online course you’re interested in, please contact us on our toll-free number 8003337 and we’ll do our best to find an instructor and arrange a customized class for you.

8. What are the benefits of taking an online class?

If you’ve already binged your way through Netflix’s Top 10, tried every possible recipe for banana bread, and attended your share of Zoom parties, you might be looking for another distraction to combat the lockdown blues. Attending an online class is the perfect way to interact with other people and learn new skills that you can apply later. Some of the advantages of online learning are:
- Wide variety of unique online courses with trusted instructors
- Thanks to distance learning, you can ensure that your learning environment is comfortable and best suited for your needs
- Learn new skills at your own pace and socialize with people as you join in on fun online workshops
- You don’t just have to take online classes because you’re bored at home. You can also make wise use of this free time by advancing your career opportunities and expanding your skill sets

9. Why should I book an online class on skilldeer?

There are several benefits of booking online classes through our platform, such as:
- Classes are not pre-recorded but delivered via online tutoring, so you will be able to interact with and receive feedback from our trusted instructors.
- We offer the best price possible for all our online courses and classes with discounts of up to 70%
- At the moment, instructors’ availability is much higher because classes can be delivered conveniently through distance learning, so you will have greater flexibility when it comes to online learning
- Contactless payments are the norm now and we’ve put the utmost effort into ensuring all your online payments are secure.
- We don’t store your credit or debit card information and before we pay the instructor, we ensure that the online course has been delivered as promised
- We have a high variety of unique online classes on our website that can’t be found anywhere else
- We partner with local instructors, who know the students’ needs, requirements, and understand the market better and are able to deliver the best eLearning experience.
- You will also be able to continue your online courses with the same instructor once the lockdown is lifted

10. Can you recommend some cool, unique online classes?

DIY Self-Care Products: Distance learning doesn’t mean you can’t still craft your own goodies. From perfumes to hair mists and bath bombs to lotions, enjoy your downtime by making your own self-care products. The instructor will courier the necessary materials to your premise prior to the class.
- DIY Vision Board: Struggling to set clear goals? In this online workshop, you’ll learn how to create a powerful vision board that’ll remind you what you want to achieve.
- Music Production with DJ Tom Noize: If you’re a music lover, there’s no better way to keep the boredom at bay than by creating your own beats during this online course. The instructor will demonstrate everything via screen sharing.
- Become a Blogger & Instagram Superstar: If you’re looking for things to do during quarantine, why not start blogging for a living? If you’ve been inspired by the perfectly curated feeds of many Instagram influencers, learn from Dragana, a high-profile, Dubai- based influencer with more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. She will provide online tutoring and training to help make your dreams a reality.
- Make the Perfect Hand-Tied Bouquet: Who says you need to attend an in-person class to make the perfect hand-tied bouquet? In this online workshop, you can follow the instructor’s techniques and avail a private, 15-minute session at the end to review and discuss the bouquets you’ve made. This is one of the best online learning experiences you can get for flower arrangements.
- Create Your Own Website or Online Store: If you’ve got more free time on your hands than ever before, now’s your chance to maximize your potential and develop your own brand or business. Our customized online learning courses will help you become a whiz at WordPress, Shopify, and other blogging platforms.
- Immune System Nutrition: The key to good health starts at home. In this online workshop, you’ll learn which supplements, foods, and herbs are ideal for strengthening your immune system and keeping you healthy.
- Dining Etiquette & Appearance Management: Got big plans to host dinner parties once lockdown is over? Start upping your game at dinner parties and formal gatherings now with this handy online class.
- Discover the Power of Your Voice: Whether it’s a Zoom conference call or an in-person meeting, a powerful voice commands attention, respect, and encouragement. This online course will transform you into a newer, more confident version of yourself by the time the lockdown is over.
- Understand Your Dreams: Want to remember your dreams and discover the meanings behind them? Dreams reflect your hopes, fears, beliefs, and how you process your life. An experienced holistic therapist will guide you through your dreams and help you interpret them in this online class.
- Learn Figure Drawing & Color Trends in Fashion: Always had a passion for fashion? This online course will introduce you to the basic techniques of bringing the human form to life on paper and get started with designing.
- Make 10 Savory & Sweet Recipes: If you’re tired of ordering takeout every day and are craving a warm, home-cooked meal, teach yourself how to cook with this selection of sweet and savory recipes delivered via real-time online tutoring. From stuffed pasta to Nutella chocolate cake, there’s no better way to relax at home than with some delicious food.
- Learn to Bullet Journal: Become more productive and manage daily tasks effectively by maintaining a bullet journal. If the lack of a consistent schedule has thrown you off course, this online tutoring class will help you stay on track by teaching you how to keep a bullet journal.
- Successful Virtual Communication: In the span of just a few weeks, everyone’s work environments changed drastically. This virtual learning experience will teach you all the tips and tricks of using the camera, your body language, your voice, and visual aids to excel in virtual communication.

11. Who should I contact if I have additional questions or concerns about online classes?

Our customer care team is here to support you throughout your online learning experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] or 8003337.