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Fitness and personal trainers in Dubai

Fitness and personal trainers in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

Choose Your Type of Workout 

Whether you fancy sweating it out with high intensity workout drills or you want to take it slow but effective, we have fitness classes in Dubai that caters to workout junkies of all types. From beginner workout to hard-core HIIT workout, you can scroll and choose whichever fits your body and health goals! To make it easier for you, here is a quick round-up of the exclusive types of fitness classes you will find with us! 

Personalised fitness classes

 Losing weight or staying fit is not always about hitting the gym. Sometimes, you have to know your body type and have a workout regime that suits your body needs that sculpts you in the best way possible and this is where our personalised fitness training comes in. With a personal fitness trainer, you can go over the best times of fitness training and exercises with them. These personalised programs are not just about exercises and workouts, they also provide diet coaching to ensure your progress in the best way possible. 

These personalised fitness training also has weight loss programs where expert fitness trainers will give you a plan of weight loss workout and diet coaching that aids in losing weight in the most healthiest ways suitable for you. 

HIIT workout

Now, workout junkies might not be satisfied with the easy stuff and that’s why we have HIIT workout! These HIIT training will make you break sweat in the first 30 seconds itself with high intensity exercises that don't use breaks in between (they aren’t called high intensity for nothing). Fitness trainers can also train you with HIIT workout at home! 

EMS Workout

 A little lazy to workout but you want that fit body nonetheless then EMS is your saviour. Designed to move as little as possible but will give you the fit body of a gym maniac, our EMS training sessions will work your muscles with the use of electronic equipment and a professional fitness trainer by your side to make sure everything's a-okay.