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Ballet lessons in Dubai

Ballet lessons in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

Why You Should Learn Ballet as an Adult 

Quit your ballet class when you were five and wish you hadn’t? Always thought you were too old to learn ballet dance? 

Even if you’re an absolute beginner, it’s never too late to take up ballet lessons. Whether your goal is to get lean and toned or simply plié your stresses away, we’ve got a range of adult ballet classes that’ll teach you to glide like the dancers in the Nutcracker. At skilldeer, we partner with vetted, professional service providers so you can appreciate and master the art of ballet. Our adult ballet classes span a range of locations in Dubai, ranging from Dubai Media City to at-home lessons, so choose the option that’s most convenient to you. 

Reasons to Take Ballet for Beginners as an Adult 

Improves your posture

Ballet is all about poise and grace and places emphasis on standing tall. If you’re prone to slouching, ballerina classes will correct everyday posture and add a touch of elegance to the way you carry yourself. 

Pick up the dance faster

While children tend to be more flexible, adults tend to grasp ballet concepts faster, allowing them to learn the moves in little to no time. 

An outlet for creative expression

If you spend most of your hours slumped over a computer at your job, shake up your daily routine by adding a ballet class to your schedule. Ballet is a revered dance form that’s also a lot of fun, which is why it continues to be one of the most popular dances to learn. 

Types of Ballet Dance Classes 

Traditional/classical ballet

This is one of the earliest forms of ballet and is recognized for its precise movements and rigorous techniques. 

Contemporary ballet 

Contemporary ballet is a kind of modern dance that combines traditional ballet techniques with contemporary dance styles. 

Aqua ballet

Get the best of both worlds with aqua ballet, where you’ll be swimming and performing some classic ballet moves in the water. Not only will it help tone your body, but it’ll also improve your coordination and help you master complicated moves with grace.