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Salsa & bachata lessons in Dubai

Salsa & bachata lessons in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

Benefits of Learning Salsa Dance

Salsa is a world-famous Latin dance associated with music of the same name and started during the 1950s. Soon, these quick steps and fast beats have found their way into popular TV shows and movies. And now this sensual dance has made its way to your hometown. That’s right! We have plenty of salsa classes in Dubai! 

Grab your partner (or go solo) and join one of our salsa dance classes to learn those rapid twirls and mesmerizing moves. Be it your first dance lesson or you are looking for a class to improve your skills, we got a list of salsa dance lessons for all kinds of people. Scroll through our list of salsa classes in Dubai and learn how to do the salsa.

Salsa Dance classes are sure to add to your free time fun but if you are wondering if there is anything extra to gain that learning a cool dance form, there sure is! These salsa dance lessons come with health benefits of all kinds! So enrolling in a salsa dance class is sure to give you some toning as listed below. 

Health Benefits

  • Weight Loss

A fast paced and energetic dance like salsa is sure to increase your blood flow and make your calories burn! So if you are looking to reduce those extra pounds while doing something fun, then salsa dance classes are your answer! It is estimated that with an hour of salsa dance, you will burn around 400 calories!

  • Body toning

Salsa dance lessons are all about intense and fast movements that will work your muscles to its max. With fast paced, vigorous movements, these salsa dance classes are sure to work your core, glutes, arms and legs and give you a full body toning while maintaining the best possible posture.

  • Relieves stress

It is a known fact that music helps relieve stress. Couple that with a dance routine and you can easily get rid of your weekday blues. If the hardcore dance moves seems difficult, then don’t worry, we have salsa for beginners where you can learn to salsa dance from step one. 

  • Improve balance

Improving balance might seem like an easy feat but it gets more difficult with age and health issues. The dance routine of these salsa dance classes will help you improve posture in return improving your balance and reducing the risk of injuries. 


When you learn to do something that you don’t know or you think is difficult it brings about confidence like nothing else. Salsa dance is known to be a hard one, but our array of salsa dance classes will give you tips from the basic salsa dance steps for beginners to the hardcore moves, leaving you feeling confident and proud. 

Improves your social skills

Salsa is a social dance. It's about learning an activity with a group of people. Salsa dance classes in Dubai give you a chance to improve your social skills with people that love the same activity as you do. You get a chance to meet and retain new friends. 

Grab your partner to improve your relationship

Dancing is a no-brainer way to have fun with your spouse or lover and bond by doing an activity together. Salsa is a dance of passion, trust and love. Nothing brings you closer than grabbing your partner and trusting them to twist and turn you and catch you when you leap. These salsa dance lessons will help you rekindle and build a stronger relationship.

And most importantly…...

…...Have fun!

Salsa dance classes are all about up-beat music and doing something that is wild and energetic. So while you get lost in its dance routines and hype, have fun like nothing else!