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Hip hop classes in Dubai

Hip hop classes in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

The Cool Art of Hip Hop Dance 

Hip hop dance is one of the coolest and ‘tough-cookie’ dance styles out there. It’s all about attitude, awesome dance moves and even cooler choreography. Learn hip hop dance to satisfy your passion for the art and build up your health while learning popular hip-hop dance moves.
Our hip hop dance classes are mainly a mix of locking and popping, sometimes including elements of breakdancing. If you are looking for specific hip hop dance styles such as lyrical hip hop or street dance styles, you will find them as well in our list or you can simply book a private hip hop class and explain to your teacher what you want to learn! So scroll through our hip hop dance class portfolio of various hip hop classes across Dubai and choose the ones that are best suitable for you!

All Levels

Our array of hip hop dance classes caters to all sorts of audience in all levels. Be it the first time your dancing or if you have worn out dancing shoes, we have lessons that suits your skill! First-timers can check out hip hop dance for beginners (simply select in the search bar under skill level “beginner”) where you will learn easy hip hop dance steps and progress from there to more sophisticated hip hop choreographies. All in a fun-filled class with talented dance instructors!


There is no better place to socialize and make friends with than those who share your same interests. Join our hip-hop dance lessons and mingle with like-minded people. At the end of the day (or course) you might not just have a dancing partner, but a friend who shares your same love of dancing! For those with a busy schedule or looking to speed up their hip hop learning experience, we recommend private hip hop dance lessons. 

De-stress & Workout

Learning how to do hip hop dance, can satisfy more than just your love for the dance. Dancing is known to be a good cardio workout. If you don’t like hitting the gym, then join one of the classes and get yourself into the shape you love while learning to dance to cool music. It’s also an amazing way to destress and let go of your weekend blues as you learn cool hip-hop dance steps with professional instructors.