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Kickboxing lessons in Dubai

Kickboxing lessons in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

Book Kickboxing Classes with skilldeer!

With our many partner kickboxing gyms and intense workout regimes, our website is the best place for you to find out the perfect kickboxing class for you. Whether you are a newbie with shaky legs looking for kickboxing for beginners or a seasoned professional looking for some private training to get ready for a tournament, we have kickboxing courses that suit your needs. 

So instead of googling numerous “kickboxing classes near me”, just scroll through our website to find out the closest kickboxing gym to you with awesome kickboxing instructors. If you want to know why you choose a kickboxing class then read on below to find out all the reasons to book with us!

Difference Between Boxing & Kickboxing

Many wonder what are the differences between boxing and kickboxing. While boxing uses only the upper body with just punches, kickboxing derives movements from other martials arts. With the style of boxing, they also use kicks from karate and blocks from muay thai making it more effective as a self defense and attack martial art. 

Expert Coaches

Our kickboxing classes have an array of expert kickboxing instructors with real tournament and fight experience. So if you are looking for kickboxing training to take your skills to the ring or you're looking for classes that teach kickboxing for beginners simply because you love action, we have all types of kickboxing courses for all types of fighters!

Health & Strength

It’s a guarantee (and scientifically proven) that martial arts are one of the best ways to keep fit while learning something new. If you want to go for kickboxing lessons that focus more on weight loss and fitness than fights and tournaments, then we have cardio kickboxing classes that focus more on maintaining body fitness than fighting. 

Ladies Only Classes

For all the ladies out there who are looking for adult kickboxing classes that are women-centric, we have ladies kickboxing classes by both male and female trainers where you will train with a group of like-minded gals. You can also go for private sessions so it's just you and a female instructor or go for a group class where it's all female!

Cool Gyms

We have partnered with trainers and institutes that have the coolest kickboxing gyms! Fighting rings, MMA cages, top tier punching bags. You name it, they have it!

Personalized & Group Sessions

We offer personalized kickboxing lessons with one-on-one training for those who want quick training for an upcoming tournament or for those uncomfortable to train  in front of others. For those who like meeting new people and want a sparring partner, we have tons of group kickboxing classes for you!