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Drawing classes in Dubai

Drawing classes in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

Drawing – A skilldeer Art Guide 

From Mandala art to traditional pencil sketching to making Islamic geometry, we have all that and much more. Express your creative prowess and learn to draw your favorite type of art with our various drawing classes in Dubai. Whether it's pencil sketching for artists who already know their way with the pen and gray tones or for those looking for a more basic drawing that deals with drawing for beginners, you will learn how to draw whatever you want with our array of art workshops. We’ve got tons of options to get — and keep — you going. 

Types of Drawing Classes we have: 


Recreating portraits of the human structure is always an awe factor. Learn how to draw a portrait sketch with our various portrait sketching classes. Catered to artists of all levels you can learn to draw portraits with classes that have sketches for beginners that teaches you all things from basic hand drawing to a simple face and posture. From there you can build your way to learning portrait drawing with intricate details or sketch up your fav characters. 


Sketching up sceneries is always magical. If you want to learn how to draw sceneries and reflect the wonder you see onto the paper then these drawing tutorials will show you how. Learn to draw step-by-step different types of sceneries be it landscape, seascapes, or cityscapes of your choice.  

Still Life 

A common but never tiring-to-look-at sketch is definitely still life drawing. If this is your taste, then scroll through our list of drawing courses, click and get learning to draw a still life image that you would proud to hand on the walls of your home.  Our still life sketching has mediums on both pencil and color! 

Illustration, Character Drawing for Cartoons and Anime

Cartoons are not just for the kids. Wether you like to draw cartoon characters in the style of the regular show, Disney, or Anime, you'll love our classes. With these fun classes, you'll learn narration skills with art, get introduced to skills to make your characters come to life - from facial expressions, to body posture, and much more. Even if you are a beginner or you already have experience as an artist, get to advance your illustration skills taught by expert artists and and get hands-on experience.


Mandala art has been recently gaining popularity for its expanse of creativity and although it may seem complex, drawing Mandal's can be easy and therapeutic with our workshops. Our creative instructors will show you how to draw Mandala's in easy steps.


Islamic geometry art, doodling and all sorts of abstract drawing that you want to experiment with, you can find them here!  

Mediums Used for Drawing 

Pencils and Pens 

Pencil and pens are the fundamental tool in drawing. Pencil drawing is the basics for anyone venturing into art and we have plenty of pencil drawing for beginners and experienced artists alike. Pencil Sketching in different gray and black tones gives images a depth that no other medium can. If you master the basic pencil shading techniques then you can pretty much draw anything with different types of pencils - from graphite pencils to mechanical pencil and everything in between!


A sketching medium that is always a jaw-dropper is the famous charcoals. Charcoal pencil drawing have a darker and more vibrant shade to them. Our classes on charcoal sketching for beginners can show you the tips of using different types of charcoal, powdered charcoal, blending and can bring out the artist in you.  


If you want to learn sketching with colors then pastel drawing is definitely the way to go. Our pastel drawing classes can show you the ways to make your sketches into color! No restrictions! Be it sceneries, portraits or what not, adding color to your sketch with pastel drawing techniques can make it all the more pretty.  

Benefits of Attending a Drawing Class: 


Learning how to draw can be an added bonus in a career that requires you to have a certain art skill. Architects, engineers, fashion designers etc who wants to learn basic drawing techniques will help them draw out their ideas perfectly into the paper, be it architectural structures, a wow-factor dress or a complex mechanical gadget. 

A side hustle 

For those who love drawing just for their love of art can make it into a side hustle to bring a bit of income to your pockets. Attend one of our various drawing classes, give your talent a boost and sell them online or at exhibitions! 


If not for either reasons listed above, attend drawing classes and letting yourself learn to draw is therapeutic in itself. You can forget the worlds problems as you recreate and learn an artform that is as old as time. Add a group of like-minded people to your surrounding and you will be making new friends! 

Didn’t Find What You Are Looking For? 

If you haven’t found an art class that you are looking for specifically then you can book one of the private classes to learn a specific style of drawing. Learn how to draw animals, or how to draw a scenery with a private class that is focused only on you with a course outline that suits your skill level.  

Fun Fact 

Drawing was produced around 30,000 years ago during the stone age as a means of communication!