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Painting classes in Dubai

Painting classes in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

A Guide to Painting Classes in Dubai

Looking to try out the most well-recognized art form out there?

From watercolor techniques to acrylic pouring, from Pointillism to fabric painting, skilldeer has got art classes in Dubai for all your creative needs. Become part of the art movement in Al Quoz and Dubai Design District, or find a painting class in Dubai near your home. 

Whether you want to try acrylic painting for beginners, or you want to expand your skills with in-depth painting techniques and styles, we have got the right painting classes for you. And the good thing is, anyone at any age can learn how to paint!

For those not sure with which painting course or painting technique to start with, we have compiled a list with some of our most popular painting classes in Dubai.

- Canvas Painting for Beginners
- Acrylic Painting for Beginners
- Watercolor Techniques
- Oil Painting Techniques
- Acrylic Pouring
- Fabric Painting
- Ceramic Painting
- Various Ethnic Painting Styles

In addition to this, we also offer many niche painting workshops like Pointillism, tribal art and Matisse and Picasso style painting.

Another beautiful thing about painting classes is that regardless of which painting type or course you decide to go for, painting can be learned at any age or skill level and is considered a beautiful form of therapy and creative self-expression.

Painting Classes in Dubai for Different Skill Levels

Whether you want to learn to paint for the first time or already have some experience, you can find suitable painting lessons for any purpose. We only partner with art instructors that are passionate about conveying their art to all levels and age groups, helping you to perfect your techniques so you will be able to create your own, unique artwork in the future. 

Painting Classes As a Form of Calmness & Therapy

Painting can be a beautiful form of therapy and meditation. We, therefore, offer a range of painting tutorials that are abstract, therapeutic, and do not require high precision.

Whether it is the abstract abandon of acrylic pour painting or the meditative nature of Mandala you can find painting lessons in Dubai to help you unwind. You could start with easy paintings for beginners or dive directly into some truly avant-garde and modern art with options like alcohol ink painting class and self-portraits from selfies.

Painting Classes As a Form of Self-Expression

Painting classes are not just painting classes! Many of our art instructors are renowned artists who can teach you how to use painting as a means of self-expression. Painting and art classes can be a wonderful method to communicate our ideas and express what we are feeling. If you feel you are stuck with a lot of ideas and emotions which you can’t get out there, please contact us and we will help you find the most suitable painting course in Dubai.