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Calligraphy classes in Dubai

Calligraphy classes in Dubai
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5 Things You Should Know About Calligraphy Writing

Calligraphy is derived from a combination of the Greek words for ‘beauty’ and ‘to write’ - and you can learn just that with a variety of calligraphy courses in Dubai from skilldeer. With a rich history around the world and a reputation as a very practical art form, our calligraphy classes will introduce you to all of the following and more.

  • - Instruments - Calligraphy can be created through a variety of instruments, including brushes, bamboo pens, dip pens, markers, and the modern calligraphy pen. You can choose the calligraphy course that has the medium of your choice, or have one of our experienced instructors guide you through the choices available.
  • - Handwriting - Learning how to write calligraphy can greatly improve handwriting, and will add a personal touch to business and personal communication. With calligraphy for beginners and calligraphy for kids, you can learn the art from scratch or help your kids get better handwriting and direct their creative energy productively.
  • - Culture and History - In some cultures around the Middle East and Eastern Asia, calligraphy writing is considered a higher form of art than painting and sculpture. Our Arabic calligraphy classes give you the choice of most of the famous styles that are around - so you can learn simple Arabic calligraphy or get into a more advanced calligraphy course.
  • - Technique and Stroke - How you hold your pen and the stroke that you are creating are essential to getting ideal calligraphy handwriting. With classes in Bur Dubai, Furjan, Nahda, Sheikh Zayed Road, and even the convenience of your own home - you can find calligraphy classes near you and learn about the instruments you need and how to use them correctly.
  • - Art and Zen - Brush lettering and calligraphy painting are artistic and refined means of calligraphy writing and have even been used to meditate and reach a state of Zen. With brush calligraphy for beginners and easy calligraphy lessons for painting you too can start on the journey of creating the art that you see on canvases and monuments.


These are just some of the facts and benefits of learning how to write calligraphy. Pick a calligraphy course suited to your preferences and get started on an exciting journey to personalized and practical art.