Turquoise Boutique Studio

Turquoise Boutique Studio


We promote the do-it-yourself spirit in the Middle East by making it easy for people to be creative in their everyday life and during special occasions.  We love to share modern and inventive DIY projects with all ages and to empower people to discover their hidden talents.  Make Your Own Happy: that's what we believe you can do!

We’ve conducted over 50 different DIY workshops, teambuilding experiences and large-scale events in the Dubai area since 2017 and offer corresponding DIY kits with projects ranging from dreamcatchers to beaded tassel necklaces! 

Reviews on Turquoise Boutique Studio

Mahra Alfalasi
Sun, 16th Dec, 10:53PM
reem hamdan
Mon, 12th Nov, 3:03PM
Review on the class: DIY Workshop: Dreamcatcher
"great instructor and class will definitely book again , enjoyed every little detail of it .."
Shamma AlJattal
Fri, 19th Oct, 4:51PM
"Will recommend it. But it can start earlier "
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