The Arabic Language Centre

The Arabic Language Centre

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The Arabic Language Centre (ALC) is a pioneer language institute specialized in teaching Arabic as a foreign language to adults and children.

Our classes are delivered using an interactive, communicative and student-centered approach that makes learning Arabic fun and memorable. Our unique method of instruction has been tested and proven effective by our students’ ability to communicate confidently upon the completion of the courses and their 100% success rate in international board examinations.

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3 ratings

Svitlana Shyshkina
Sun, 16 Dec 2018, 3:23PM
Review on the class: Arabic for Beginners I
"Very good teacher, friendly and encouraging; very nice method which makes learning of such a difficult language easier. "
Paweł Wilk
Fri, 1 Sep 2017, 8:17PM
"I'm very satisfied with progress. Very flexible schedule, possible to change later. Excellent teachers."
Diana Haladay
Fri, 28 Jul 2017, 12:43PM
"5 star! Intensive was fun due to Angela's incredible energy and support! Don't know how she keeps the high energy up class after class! Truly remarkable!"