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Sara's Craftshop

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Sara has been sculpting polymer clay for over 10 years. It began as a hobby when her son brought home a school project which used polymer clay. She loves to create designs that you'll never forget. Gloss, or matte, elaborate sculptures or precision jewelry - no matter the concept or the product with polymer clay the final product is worth the effort!

She has various methods, tips and tricks regarding how to use polymer clay that she enjoys passing on to aspiring designers or simply anyone who loves creating.

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8 ratings

Zonaira Anwer
Wed, 20 Sep 2023, 12:57PM
"Great instructor. She has sufficient knowledge related to polymer clay. She is very creative and good instructor."
nicole lobo
Sun, 3 Sep 2023, 10:54AM
"Good instructor, well versed in her craft. Good experience."
Cristiana Ribas
Mon, 19 Jun 2023, 6:26PM
Review on the class: Private Polymer Clay Masterclass
" I enjoyed learning all the steps and it was not that difficult. And the final project looks good"
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