Paragon Athletics

Paragon Athletics

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Paragon Athletics is a fully certified sporting brand and the product of collaboration between multiple athletics instructors. They provide personal training services at the convenience of the individual's location at locations across Dubai. 

Why choose Paragon Athletics? 

Paragon coaches give their full effort to give a chance for every student to learn and understand the world of s[prts through techniques, visual illustrations, and customized workouts. 

Dubai has granted several people the luxury of having swimming pools and sport facilities near premises at houses and residential buildings, and Paragon believes that this is an opportunity for every individual to make sports a key component of their lifestyles. 

The center strives to achieve this vision by choosing instructors based on their competitive experience and their world class qualifications, optimizing the convenience and effectiveness of their lessons. 

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Reviews on Paragon Athletics
23 ratings

Matteo Bulgarelli
Fri, 10 Mar 2023, 12:00PM
"Great class, loved it"
Mon, 17 Feb 2020, 8:06AM
"Amazing class, went by so fast! Instructor is competent and very encouraging. Would definitely book again :)"
Nancy Alwazani
Sun, 22 Sep 2019, 1:23PM
"Had one lesson for both kids at my home. Went really well. Will book again"
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