OriginBase was established in Dubai as a product design company in 2014. The company's vision is to become a locally grown grass root platform for nurturing and enabling the maker movement in the UAE and the region. We aim to cultivate a can-do mindset and DIY culture in our societies by providing the tools, materials, training, machinery and fabrication technologies as well as the pro support and expertise needed in a single space for makers and ideas to meet, grow and materialize. 

We believe in the unlimited potential of social innovation and we strive to be a hub for collaboration and co-creation amongst makers from all walks of life. Our community is our backbone resource and their success in innovation defines our own.

Reviews on OriginBase

Taibah Gadi
Thu, 3rd Jan, 4:59PM
"Great class, indeed. Opens a world if possibility. There were 4 of us, and it was a wonderful break from routine life in Dubai fir all of us. The instructor showed us how to use a few essential machines and gave each one of us a turn at them. We each got out with a finished small candle holder made of wood, crafted by iwn own hands."
Anas Abouabdalla
Thu, 27th Dec, 3:26PM
"It is a great class for any beginner. Got to use machines that I only saw on videos like the jointer, planer, table saw, router, drill and sand belt. The wokshop was nicely paced and the instructor was engaging and kept the content interesting. We learned about safety procedures when using the machines and came out with with a small something that I made myself "
Asmaa Afifi
Tue, 25th Dec, 8:05PM
Review on the class: DIY Welding Workshop
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