Maria Kova

Maria Kova

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Maria Perevoshchikova is a contemporary artist specializing in abstract paintings.

Maria was born in Russia in 1986, and developed passion for art at an early age. Her mother was always fond of art, and encouraged Maria to continue doing what she seems to be naturally very good at. At the age of 18 Maria attended and finished The South-Ural Fine Arts School, where she developed her understanding of line, form, composition, and art history.

As soon as the Iron Curtain of USSR fell down, Maria's family began to travel. Maria was absolutely astounded and inspired by the diverse natural and cultural cornucopia of the world behind the curtain. Maria obtained a Master's Degree in Hospitality Industry and Tourism and continued traveling.

In 2010, Maria settled in the beautiful tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. For 6 years Bali was the spiritual home for her and her renewed love for art. Success at local art exhibitions on the island provided her with the confidence to pursue her art career. At the present time, Maria lives and works in Dubai. 

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6 ratings

Haddad Issa
Tue, 18 Jan 2022, 1:45PM
Nagarajan Dhanamadhavan
Tue, 26 Oct 2021, 1:23PM
Review on the class: Fluid Acrylic Pouring Workshop
"Maria was a great instructor who has explained the process of Acrylic pour very systematically and step by step. Carefully observed when I was doing the work and advised where it was going off the track and corrected. Would recommend her classes for not only Fluid art but other mediums as well "
Ekaterina Batrakova
Wed, 9 Jun 2021, 1:59PM
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