Foodlicious by Memoona

Foodlicious by Memoona

4 ratings

Memoona is a self-taught cook with over 10 years culinary experience. She is passionate and an expert of traditional Pakistani cooking. She enjoys sharing her skills with students of all skill levels and customizes her teaching according to the students requirements. Her mantra is "Making anything out of nothing!"

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4 ratings

Hannah Genevas
Sat, 30 Dec 2023, 10:53PM
"This was a great class with a friendly instructor who explained every step of the cooking process very well and was very engaging. We made Biryani in our session and the food came out very good. I would book a class with her again! "
Javeriah Raja
Sun, 3 Dec 2023, 10:15PM
"Memoona is such a great teacher and patiently went through the palao recipe and cooking process with me - im a true beginner so really appreciated it. Excited to book her again "
Zoiya Fatima
Sun, 8 Jan 2023, 1:11PM
"Great class"
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