Amani Ceramics Pottery and Art

Amani Ceramics Pottery and Art

7 ratings

Amani has been working with clay since she was a child, beginning with public-school art instructors who first introduced her to clay, the wheel, glazing,
wedging, and reclaiming clay.
Upon graduating and relocating to Dubai, Amani discovered a pottery studio close to her place and rediscovered her love for pottery. She believes that pottery has given her a unique way to discover, express, and define herself - and she is passionate about sharing this with her students.

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Reviews on Amani Ceramics Pottery and Art
7 ratings

Mufitha Jasmine
Fri, 8 Mar 2024, 7:23AM
"Amazing time with Amani, splendid instructions and such a sweet person "
Eloise Gerard
Sat, 22 Apr 2023, 2:12PM
"Amazing first experience throwing on wheel thanks to Amani’s professional and teaching skills. Not only did I feel like I learnt a lot, but also had a relaxing time as well thanks to her kindness. I will definitely recommend this class, thank you Amani."
Selma Farag
Thu, 30 Mar 2023, 8:39PM
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