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English language classes in Dubai

English language classes in Dubai
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A Guide to Finding the Right English Course

As the most common language of business and education, English is essential to life in Dubai. So whether you are preparing for an exam or want to improve your professional communication, skilldeer has an English class for you.

You can learn English the conventional way with a complete English language course or pick topics that help you hone particular skills such as spoken English, business English, and many more. With certified English tutors offering a variety of courses for different skill levels and learning goals, you can be sure that you will find the English lessons you need.

Types of English Courses -

  • - English Speaking Courses - Commonly known as spoken English classes or conversational English lessons, these classes are aimed at raising your pronunciation and vocabulary during daily conversations at work and in your personal life. Learn how to speak English fluently and confidently.

  • - Business English Courses - Whether you are looking for a job or are working already, professional vernacular is essential for official communication as well as presentations and pitches. Learn everything from how to write better emails to delivering a convincing presentation.

  • - Test Preparation Courses - Improve your test scores whether for education or standardized testing when you learn English grammar or take writing classes. You can even work on immigration and higher education with IELTS preparation classes.

  • - English Writing Courses - Flex your imagination with creative writing classes or gain an edge as a professional writer with comprehensive English writing classes.

Benefits of our English Lessons -

  • - Professional Edge - Being able to convey your ideas in a succinct manner, with business english, can greatly add to your interactions and help you take your ideas forward.

  • - Confidence - When you learn English, your ability to communicate clearly will lend an air of confidence to all your interactions. With English for beginners, you can start from scratch and perfect the language.

  • - Communication in the Marketplace - As the most common language used for business, it is essential for those in Dubai to be able to communicate in English. Spoken English, in particular, is necessary for everything from workplace meetings to shopping from a store.

  • - Flexibility - Not only do our English classes cater to every skill level, we also provide options in a variety of locations across Dubai with schedules that are designed to suit you. Find suitable English classes near you and get started on your journey.