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Coffee making class in Dubai

Coffee making class in Dubai
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Top Things to Know About Coffee Making

A coffee a day keeps a grumpy away! The scent of coffee brings the image of a rush hour cafe morning, one that is brimming with people and smiles. Our coffee making course and barista training in Dubai will introduce you to the world of coffee, smiles and more. 

Find coffee classes near you, learn how to make coffee the professional way and explore your love for those delicious brown beans. There are plenty of coffee training courses from coffee making for beginners to professional barista training. All you have to do is scroll and find your calling!

Popular Types of coffee

Cafe noir - A fancy name for a very familiar drink, aka the black coffee. Simple as it looks, black coffee is made with ground coffee beans dipped in hot water. Warm serving and an ultra energy boost. People with sweet-tooth can add a tinkle of sugar to make the strong bitterness pipe down. 

Latte - From going plain to having a mix of vanilla or any suitable flavors, latte is one of the most popular coffee drinks out there. Barista courses are where you learn how to make latte with the perfect shot of espresso, steamed milk and a touch of foam. 

Americano - With a similar strong flavor to black coffee, Americanos are a mix of espresso diluted in hot water. It might sound easy, but this drink can taste heavenly with some pro tips that you find in our coffee making courses on how to make americano. 

Cappuccino - For some sprinkle of flavor and clever mixing of ingredients, learning how to make cappuccino is your best bet. Made from more foam than steamed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder, cappuccinos are really popular for coffee lovers with a bit of adventure in taste. 

Flat white - Go Aussie instead of American. Flat-whites are an Aussie born drink without foam or sprinkles. An espresso drink with steamed milk.

Mocha - A coffee drink made for chocolate lovers, you’ll fall head over heels in love with this one if you haven’t already. The Mocha is a chocolate coffee drink with steamed milk. Sounds tasty? Then instead of always ordering it from outside learn how to make mocha the perfect way you want it!

Hot or Cold?

There isn’t only one way to enjoy coffee time. A hot drink will go a long way on a lazy morning or a chill winter’s night but a cold coffee will do a lot to soothe a burning face on a hot summer afternoon. You can figure out and learn to make coffee in different types and temperatures that suits your mood in any of the coffee training courses. So if you are lazy to drop by the cafe, no problem! Just head to your kitchen and whip up a delicious coffee that is equally tasty as one that a barista brews!

Barista Training isn’t only about coffee making!

Like all other skills, barista courses also help you develop personality traits that always become an added bonus! And what might that be? Check out below!

Patience - Despite popular belief, making coffee is no five minute job. It requires a lot of patience, to brew, mix and foam. Rushed coffee means bad coffee and a barista training means you learn how to make coffee in all its perfection. That perfectly textured milk. That perfectly made foam and a perfectly satisfying coffee. 

Passion - Not all who work as a barista just ended up there. If you’ve come onto this page by yourself that means you have a passion for coffee. A barista who has made that perfect coffee has spent hours and hours learning to perfect it. And you can pour your passion into perfecting your coffee making skills with a coffee course. 

Art - If there is one drink where you can do some crazy and cool artwork, its coffee! Learn latte art in one of the coffee making courses and do some cute or eye popping designs to make your customer’s day a happy one!