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Drink making classes in Dubai

Drink making classes in Dubai
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Bartending 101: How to Make Cocktails & Mocktails

No dinner party is complete without a delicious homemade cocktail or mocktail. Cocktail and mocktail making is easier than you might think and can be customized to suit your tastes during mixology classes. Whether you like your Bloody Marys extra spicy or your Daiquiris extra sweet, there are plenty of options to explore when you start learning how to make your own drinks at a bartending course or one of our mixology classes. 

At skilldeer, we partner with professional, vetted service providers to bring you a range of bartending classes and mocktail making classes in many convenient locations throughout Dubai, such as Downtown Dubai and more. 

Tips for Making the Best Cocktails & Mocktails During Mixology Classes

  1. Invest in the right equipment: The first thing you’ll cover in a bartending course will be all about the equipment. You don’t need to splurge on the kind of equipment you find in bars, but it helps to have a simple starter kit to become a masterful cocktail maker at home. All you really need to build your own bar at home is a jigger to measure your drinks, a mixing spoon, a muddler, a shaker, and a strainer. 

  2. Stock up on the basic ingredients for your bartending classes: Most cocktail and mocktail recipes call for some essential ingredients, such as simple syrup, lemon or lime juice, soda water, ice, and sprigs of herbs. After you learn the essentials in your mixology classes, you can easily recreate your favorite cocktail or mocktail at home. 

  3. Get familiar with the classics during your mixology classes: Every bartending course will introduce you to the classic cocktails and mocktails, including a mojito, a martini, an Old Fashioned, a gimlet, a Negroni, and a Cosmopolitan, so it helps to have an understanding of the basic ingredients beforehand. 

  4. Utilize fresh fruits in cocktail and mocktail making: Rather than opting for store-bought juices, use fresh berries, oranges, and other fruits for optimal results.