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Freshstone Consulting

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Freshstone offers sales coaching on both short- and long-term basis with in-person and online interventions. Their aim is that every organization that you work with becomes more customer-centric to your target audience which leads to a higher sales output and performance.

About the Instructor:
Jennifer Baxavanis is a highly experienced multi-lingual sales consultant, coach, and entrepreneur with over 15 years in the industry having personally achieved both high sales results for multi-national companies as well as assessed, advised, created strategy and developed commercial departments to assist clients in maximising their sales with a customer centric approach and focus.


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Reviews on Freshstone Consulting
6 ratings

Moahammed A.K
Wed, 21 Oct 2020, 3:59PM
"I was impressed by Jennifer's ability to deal with even the toughest clients-effortlessly while making sales and what kind of segment you would be looking for when making sales."
Mirhan M
Wed, 21 Oct 2020, 3:54PM
"Jennifer draws upon her valuable expertise in sales and delivers engaging training sessions with actionable insights. Her methodology is creative and fun, ensuring that everyone is focused and leaves with key practices that are extremely useful in many situations, whether in-person or online."
Rami R
Wed, 21 Oct 2020, 3:31PM
"I find this training interesting. It refreshes our memory about the old sales tools and provides us with new ones which are dedicated to be used in this COVID 19 crisis"
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