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Sailing lessons in Dubai

Sailing lessons in Dubai
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Why You Should Try Sailing in Dubai

With clear skies, blue waters, and a climate that is perfect for watersports, UAE is one of the best places for you to try sailing in Dubai. Sailing is an adrenaline-pumping cool sport, and an awesome workout where you have more fun than just working out. 

Try this exhilarating sport with some of our sailing classes where you can try sailing if it's the first time to jump into a sailing course if you already know what the sport offers. If you are a curious passer and you are contemplating on why you should try sailing in Dubai, read on below to inspire your choice!

Calm Waters -  With UAE being in the Middle East where no tidal waves are ever too high and no unexpected turmoil of a weather shows up, Dubai always offers calm waters (and 8 months of summer) to do some fun sailing. We have the best places, paired with professionals who can teach you the best spots to do some sailing in Dubai. 

Unique View – The glitz and glam of the UAE skylines are always worth noting. And while people usually see it from the roads, sailing in Dubai gives you a chance to see the futuristic sight of Dubai from its waters! Not only will you be having a fun time sailing on Dubai’s beaches, you will also have an unforgettable view of the city!

Try it Out – If you want to try sailing and see how it is like before committing to sailing lessons, then we have options for you!  With professional institutes and experienced sailing instructors to ensure your safety and teach you to do it right, we have “try sailing” experiences where you can book a sailing class and let a sailing instructor show you what it feels to sail in the waters. This doesn’t have to be for just decision making. You can also book our 1-day sailing experience to just…well experience sailing and have fun!

Book A Sailing Course – Wondering where you can find a suitable sailing course that caters to your needs. We have tons of options for you to choose from! With professional and experienced sailing instructors to guide you, we have professional schools and institutes for you to book a sailing class. With timings and locations explained, you can scroll and choose whichever sailing lessons that suits your needs.

Certified Lesson – Sailing is definitely fun but we got a list that is all serious too! We have partnered with institutes that offer professional and certified sailing licenses. So if you are wondering where you can get professional licenses and proper learning the skilldeer is where you will find it. For those searching for something a bit more professional, we have everything from RYA courses Dubai to UAE FTA Driving license!