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Garden design classes in Dubai

Garden design classes in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

Beauty of Earth: Learn Gardening!

There is no beauty on earth like the sight of green and the colors of full bloom flowers. Gardening brings happiness to the mind and soul. Learn gardening and how to take care of plants in the various list of gardening courses and botanic lessons and give your house that extra burst of life with a garden full of blooms!

Garden Scaping

For those who love florals and faunas, learn garden design to beautifully place your blooming blossoms in any space from a small balcony to a giant yard. Sign up with gardening classes and learn how to do a garden landscape design that will have you spending your free time relaxing amidst a  bunch of green. 


Perfect for indoor designs, these DIY terrarium classes will show you how to make a terrarium that perfectly matches your interior decor. You can have all sorts of terrariums from small cute ones, to gorgeous hanging ones plus you can even opt for a class that teaches you how to take care of indoor plants!


An ancient art that has intrigued eras after eras, the art of bonsai has spread across the globe for its fascinating way of creating miniature versions of real trees. Learn bonsai in one of our bonsai classes with expert instructors. 

Gardening & Plant care

This might be an obvious one but the list isn’t complete without them! Of course, when it comes to “garden”, you are surely going to find gardening classes where you will learn gardening! Gardening might sound like rocket science, but it is as easy as planting a seed (pun intended). You will find a list of gardening courses that have gardening courses for beginners or if you already have a green thumb that knows exactly what to prune, then you can find a master gardening course to take your skills up a notch. 

Pro Nature

Save planet earth with one small step at a time. With our environment, forests and ecosystem constantly at risk, just having a small garden is your effort in trying to save the world! Just having a few plants that attract bees, birds and butterflies will encourage a small and heart-filling ecosystem to thrive in your garden! 

Fun Fact

 Gardening is known to be a successful treatment in mental health and emotional well being. People suffering from depression, anxiety, and any negative emotions can treat themselves to better emotional health by constantly talking to the plants, nurturing and caring for them.