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Ice cream making courses in Dubai

Ice cream making courses in Dubai
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A Guide to Ice Cream Making in Dubai

Gone are the days of settling for plain ice cream flavors. By learning how to make ice cream yourself, the possibilities for homemade ice cream flavor combinations are endless. The best part is, in an ice cream making class, you’ll also be able to customize it to suit your dietary preferences, whether it’s a low-sugar version of your favorite ice cream or a vegan one. Additionally, there are many pros to making your own ice cream, so go ahead and churn ice cream yourself by taking an ice cream making course! 

At skilldeer, we partner with professional, vetted service providers to bring you a range of ice cream making classes in Dubai in various locations, including Downtown Dubai and more. 

Top tips you’ll learn in an ice cream class 

  1. One of the first things you’ll learn in an ice cream making workshop is that your ice cream bowl needs to be at the perfect temperature before you begin, so make sure you store the bowl in a freezer at least 24 hours prior to getting started with your DIY ice cream. 
  2. Don’t skimp on using the best ingredients if you want the ideal texture and taste. Opt for organic milk and free-range eggs and if you want to learn how to make vanilla ice cream or how to make chocolate ice cream, splurge on real vanilla or vanilla beans instead of buying pre-made flavoring. 
  3. Chill the custard for at least a couple of hours before you put it in the ice cream maker and start churning for best homemade ice cream results. Freezing the custard overnight is recommended for the best results. 
  4. If you want to incorporate additional toppings during your ice cream making training course, ensure that your ice cream base has the texture of a soft-serve before you mix it in. 
  5. To prevent your homemade ice cream from freezing into a solid block or forming ice crystals in the freezer, cover the top of the container with a plastic wrap or wax paper before closing and freezing it. 

DIY ice cream flavor ideas

If you want to learn how to make ice cream just to throw together some crazy flavor combinations, you’re not alone! Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  1. S’mores ice cream: A delicious combination of chocolate ice cream, graham crackers, and marshmallows

  2. Coffee and donuts ice cream: Add some espresso to your ice cream base before combining chunks of glazed donuts into the mixture 

  3. Black forest cake ice cream: Start with a chocolate ice cream base, add your cherry mixture, and some chocolate cake bites for added texture

  4. Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream: Swirl in some crunchy peanut butter into your chocolate ice cream mixture. 

  5. Date and walnut ice cream: Make use of some sweet Medjool dates by incorporating it into your vanilla ice cream base and topping it off with some walnuts for added crunch.