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Graphic design courses in Dubai

Graphic design courses in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

All About Graphic Design Courses

Colors, abstract designs, creativity and more creativity! That’s what graphic design is all about! For those who have found their true calling in a field of creating posters, ads and designs, we can assist you in your colorful journey of a career with our tons of Graphic design courses! Learn graphic design from professionals in the field that has years of experience doing what you envision to do in the future!

Our graphic design classes are fun, effective, and deliver its purpose – to teach you all about those weird buttons in those softwares and turn you into a pro! What are you going to get in our classes that you can’t find on youtube you ask? For one, certifications! Most of our graphic design courses come with certifications that will help you get a step further in your career. Plus, we have private graphic design tutorials that customize to your needs and teach you exactly what you are looking for! Interested? Below is the summary of what kind of graphic design courses in Dubai you can find on our website and which field these softwares belong to!


It’s not just about photoshopping other people, making some crazy graphics, and adding color to images where there isn’t any. It’s also about learning it for your own fun and artistic skills. With our many list of photoshop courses from different professional photoshop instructors, you’ll get to learn cool photoshop tricks to enhance simple images into wow factors with our photoshop training. If you want an advanced photoshop course for career level training then we have tons of photoshop tutorials for you! Or if you are just a newbie who can’t tell what the menus and buttons are for in the software then we have photoshop for beginners that will teach you everything from the base!


Your focus on magazine, print, newspapers and the lot? Then Indesign is the software to use! Learn how to use Indesign if your focus is on creating and designing pages for books, magazines and newspapers. We have tons of Indesign classes by professional graphic design institutes that teaches you how to use indesign. There are varied indesign courses for advanced graphic designers and Indesign  training that touch basic elements for those who are looking for Adobe Indesign for beginners.


Creating posters, flyers and the lot are made easy with our bunch of different illustrator courses catered all through UAE! With never-boring illustrator tutorials given out by experienced graphic design professionals, you can learn how to work the software in our illustrator course. With illustrator classes that caters to newbies and teaches illustrator for beginners to more experienced users, we have all sorts of illustrator courses that teaches you how to use illustrator to your level.

Fields you can work in

With Graphic Design having various sections, unlimited creativity and use of artwork, the field is vast to explore and work in. With the world turning to technology and everything becoming virtual, the circle for Graphic Designers only grows. Here are the main fields that graphic designers can work in.

Print & Publishing

Newspapers, magazines, and books all use the talent of graphic designers for their visual appeal. Designing magazines for their creative and boldly attractive flair, newspapers for their proper and measured design, and books that have different types for different purposes all use the specialization of graphic designers. That’s why we have Indesign classes that are the base of creating print publications! Pair it with a photoshop course or a graphic design course that has all 3 softwares, you are sure of having a higher chance in landing a print publication of your dream!


Now this one is a no brainer. Those tons of flyers, major billboard ads, lamp post ads, cool looking banners in metro stations are all done with photoshop and illustrator. If designing for advertising is your career goal, then our photoshop courses and illustrator classes will open your designing eye to give professional touches to your ad creations.

Social Media

This might raise question marks of confusion for a few but tons of corporates and companies hire graphic designers to create digital posters, ads and campaigns for social media. After all, that is where the biggest consumer lay. So hope on and check out our graphic design courses in Dubai!


We are not talking about animations (that’s a whole different aspect), but those crazy awesome, and super cool art designs of those equally super cool characters on game CD covers, posters and the lot? Oh yeah, they are the creation of graphic designers. (Remember the famous cover image for Assassin’s Creed?). Now if this is the place where you hear your calling, then waste no more time and book a graphic design course that has both illustrator tutorials (for drawing purposes) and photoshop classes for, well…photoshopping in the effects. You can also book separate Illustrator courses or photoshop courses if you are already a master in one of them.

Never Gets Boring

Unlike jobs that could get ultimately routine and end up boring, work in graphic design is always different. New and different types of posters, different magazine content and designs, creating various artwork for different clients never gets repetitive and is always fun.