ZIBU & Switchwords with Healing Codes and Energy Circle
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ZIBU & Switchwords with Healing Codes and Energy Circle

by Eternity Dubai

399 AED

(VAT inclusive)

ZIBU & Switchwords with Healing Codes and Energy Circle

399 AED

(VAT inclusive)

To be announced soon
Dubai - Al Barsha
All Levels
Cancellation Policy: 48 hours prior to course start with full refund
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ZIBU is the language of angels that carries high vibrations to manifest.
Switchwords are simple words work magic to bring your desires.

Explore the journey of Angelic Zibu Symbols, the language of angels, that carry higher vibrations and transmit powerful energies to seekers in universe too. These symbols are meant to assist people in their daily lives from the Angelic Realm to harness happiness, healing, joy, prosperity, peace, forgiveness, success and much more. Let’s explore these symbols with deeper understanding and practical utilisations.

- 88 ZIBU SYMBOLS Explabation

Learn to help yourself and others without having to depend on some external source

Switchwords are simple English words and can be called one word affirmation. Declaring a switchword is like flipping a switch to bring about desired output. The founder of the system originated more than 100 words and later on many words were added. There are Switchwords for your every requirement e.g -

• To quit an unwanted habit
• To be in good health
• To locate or create a home
• To find lost items

And then many branches of healing numbers have been added. We have unlimited Numeric Codes for all our needs.

WHY LEARN WHEN EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE ON NET - to not to depend on any other source in case of Emergencies, Learn how to use the ready information more effectively and above all understanding the system from the basic.
Simple English words but they are magical.
Switchwords are simple English words but they work like Mantras. James T Mangan founded this system and called them Switchwords because they work like switches – instantly in some cases.

🌟Class will cover🌟
• Explanation of original Switchwords of the founder - James T. Mangan
• Explanation of more than 100 Switchwords
• List of more than 1000 numbers for every need ranging from pains, aches to sleep disorders to relationship issues
• How to put them in practical use
• How to make combinations for them to work faster
• How to make combinations to use more than one switchword together
• How to make combinations of words and numbers
• How to create our realities in togetherness and harmony with the Divine
• Using names as Switchwords
• How to use the information already available on internet
• How to help others
• How to make ECs
• How to charge water
• How to use finger charging method
• How to create sigils
• and much more...

Skill Level:

All Levels


All materials will be provided

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours prior to course start with full refund

Age Requirements:

16 and older


Office 701
Yes Business Tower
Al Barsha

Eternity Dubai
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10 ratings

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"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in this class! The instructor was fantastic, guiding me through the art of crafting soaps and spa products in a seamless and enjoyable manner. I not only left with the wonderful products we created but also with clear instructions on how to create them at home. This class was worth every moment!"
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Wed, 12 Apr 2023, 12:58PM
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