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Premier Genie

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Premier Genie provides a platform for enthusiastic children to explore and hone their understanding in advanced mathematics, logical reasoning, computer science, problem-solving and prepares them for standardized tests and international competitions. The program also helps children build a solid foundation to get into top Universities or Institutes in the world at a later stage in their lives.

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3 ratings

Ammar Naji
Fri, 5 Aug 2022, 12:40PM
"We are booking again! "
Jack Baker
Thu, 22 Aug 2019, 6:09PM
"Both my wife and I have been very impressed with the course and instructor. We will ensure our son is booked on another course when we return to Dubai. "
Tanya Hills
Thu, 12 Aug 2021, 6:17AM
"I think the classes added some value. The organisation part could be better. You have to request a form to be completed at the booking stage to gather the details of the student, which subjects they want to take and what the area of improvement is? That way the teacher will have clear understanding of what the child needs to get out of the sessions? If you improve on this then the sessions will be much more interactive. I think the tutors are good but they dont know what the kids need and so they cant make good use of the time they have."