Integrated Mind

Integrated Mind

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Integrated Mind is about your expansion, success, and celebration of life. Here you learn the science of inner transformation through a unique combination of eastern psychotherapy, techniques of self-awareness and emotional coherence.

About the instructor: Vibhu Khera, founder of Integrated Mind

Vibhu is passionate about working with people seeking spiritual growth, happiness in relationships, better health and inner peace. Her background is in education, therapy, yoga, meditation and emotional healing. She has worked extensively with people facing issues such as anxiety, mood swings, depression, relationship difficulties, grief and have assisted many through recovery, restoring focus, harmony in relationships, confidence, and calmness.

She adopts an integrated, compassionate, and holistic approach that incorporates self-awareness and various meditative and transformative techniques to bring emotional, physiological and psychological unity. Integrated mind’s purpose is for people to experience wholeness and create peace inside and outside.

Reviews on Integrated Mind
33 ratings

Angel Zhou
Sat, 17 Aug 2019, 3:51PM
nihan yilmazer
Sun, 8 Sep 2019, 12:17PM
"it is a good class however it didnt work for me.. i was looking kind of a reiki teype class..the instructor is so kind"
Manish Bhagnari
Fri, 9 Aug 2019, 9:43PM
"I have been enjoying the class since the very beginning."
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