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Priyanka is a contemporary fine artist who lives and works in Dubai, UAE. Her early artistic inclination and aspiration have become fully realized as a career that has brought her recognition as an accomplished artist. Nurturing an avid and explorative mind, her hands always dance to the constant compelling rhythm of creativity that her mind produces. Art is the personality of one’s inner self, without that understanding, one cannot create.

All her creations are special and designed to outlast several lifetimes & provide beautiful, bright, vivid colors, delivering the essence of an original piece with clarity. Her artistic creations include Oil Painting, Acrylics, Water Colour, Mural Art, Glass Stain Mural Art, Decoupage, Art On Wood, Impasto Painting, 3D Art & Picture Portraits.  

Classes conducted are for all age groups and levels including adults, kids, teens, elementary & intermediate. The aura & atmosphere of Infinity Creative Art alone gives students a positive approach in their journey of exploring the beautiful side of artwork. 

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3 ratings

Vinay Bhojwani
Sat, 26 Aug 2023, 2:58PM
Review on the class: Private Oil or Glass Painting
"The intrusctor was very frienly and always was motivating us which ended up in a great workshop we couldnt even imagine of, it was my wife's birthday surpise and she was thrilled with each and every part of the 2 hour session and none of us wanted it to end. everything was well managed and she was also very flexible with the schedule."
Monica Garnett
Thu, 13 Aug 2020, 6:50AM
"Excellent class we did this as a group of 3 ladies and the instructor was great and helped us all create a piece to take home. She provided us with some snacks and the flow of the class was great!!"
Salwa Haji
Tue, 8 Sep 2020, 1:34PM
"It was fun class with very talented instructor, she started by teaching basic colors and then some painting techniques. you have the option to choose what painting you like and learn based on that .. she was nice and patient and welcoming. "