Numerological Insights for Business Growth

Numerological Insights for Business Growth

by Balance 1 Studio

2,290 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Numerological Insights for Business Growth

2,290 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Flexible Dates
Dubai - Al Awir
All Levels
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking
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The universal understanding recognizes that our physical existence is constituted by the intricate harmony of five natural elements: fire, water, air, earth, and sky. It is this precise equilibrium of these elements within the universe that has driven the evolution of humans and other life forms. Any disruption in the balance of these natural elements can result in ailments in humans. However, through the practice of Energy Corrections and numerological consultations, we can work towards restoring this balance. This restoration holds the potential for enhancing business strategy and fostering career success in the universe of business growth.

Students can choose ONE of the following Modules per course:

Module 1:

  • Numerology in different parts of the world
  • Effect of Numerology on a day to day life, How numbers vibration around us
  • Decoding the planets and numbers sync
  • Attributes of each number and their effects
  • How to select the most effective company or brand name or logo per Numero for greater success in business ventures?
  • How to make your name more powerful by adding letters to it?
  • How to choose a gainful phone number?
  • How Numero-Powered E-mail Ids, Passwords, and Mobile Numbers create more powerful and effective communication which generates more business and sales?

Module 2:

  • Practicals to learn how to implement the numerology for self and others
  • Win in Negotiations: Within 2 Minutes, work out the most effective time for result giving phone call.
  • Working out the name of a lucky bank in order to save and attract more money in your account.
  • How to select a lucky Number for your Car?
  • How to use Astro-Numerology for powerful Signatures?
  • How to select an effective Mantra numerological, in order to boost your Mental Powers?
  • Decide on beneficial persons in your life by just analyzing their names neurologically.
  • How to select the most powerful and beneficial numbers in order to select the most beneficial dates, and timings and everything that is related with numbers?
  • Learning how Numbers are related with colors and beneficial gemstones. How to select the same logically, with Astro-Numero Power
  • Date of Birth Decoding of Client and Elements Helping them to choose the right Directions and blends for them
  • 3 Practical Case Studies

Skill Level:

All Levels


All materials will be provided

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

18 and older

Additional Info:

  • This class can be also be taken online. Contact our toll free number at 800 3339 to avail this option


Al Naboodah Villa Complex (Address to be provided upon booking)
Opposite Al Amal Hospital and Dubai Immigration
Al Awir

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