Fashion Design for Teens - Ages: 12-15 (Full Course)
123 ratings

Fashion Design for Teens - Ages: 12-15 (Full Course)

by Rita Nicolas

1,140 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Fashion Design for Teens - Ages: 12-15 (Full Course)

1,140 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Rita Nicolas
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Every Sun
Dubai - Jumeirah Lakes Towers - JLT
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 90 days upon booking
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If you’re a teen fashion enthusiast with a savvy sense of style and passion for designing clothes, there is a dedicated course for you to make your fashion design dreams a reality!

This 16-hour (8 sessions x 2 hours) full fashion design course for beginners is a comprehensive guide to design and illustration styles that will prepare you to be a creative fashion designer. You will gain knowledge on both traditional sketching and up-to-date design concepts to jumpstart your portfolio. You keep track of your progress in your “design journal” where you compile your original sketches as you progress through the lessons.

Experienced fashion designer and architect Rita Nicolas will not only share her expertise but also her experiences as she struggled with freehand drawing at the start of her career. Lessons are structured to combine both theoretical and realistic approach to fashion design, and can be taught either in your preferred language: Arabic, English, or a combination of both.

What you will learn:

  • Accurately sketch a 9-head croquis fashion figure
  • Get familiar with fabrics and garments
  • Employ fashion theories
  • Understand its historical perspective
  • Apply the elements and principles of design in a creative process

Course Outline:

  • Lesson 1: The introduction to the world of fashion design
  • Lesson 2: Hands-on learning on how to draw the fashion mannequin figure
  • Lesson 3: Exercises to demonstrate the human anatomy and its role
  • Lesson 4: How to render different styles, textures, shapes and gestures
  • Lesson 5: Garments and the way to illustrate them on a male or female fashion figure
  • Lesson 6: Sharpening of drawing skills on different fashion poses
  • Lesson 7: Colors and creation of a new fashion profile
  • Lesson 8: Themes, surroundings, and effects
  • Lesson 9: Starting of a portfolio design
  • Lesson 10: Creation of a collection to enrich your portfolio
  • Lesson 11: Implementation of the design and fashion approach
  • Lesson 12: Final analysis and critic

Skill Level:



  • Students need to bring their own A3 Sketchbook or buy from the instructor for an additional fee of AED 99 (VAT incl.)
  • All materials will be provided for use at the class only. This includes color markers, colored pencils, felt tip pens, tracing paper, sketching pencils, eraser, 12-inch ruler, watercolor box, brushes (0.1 round, 0.5 square, 0.6 round, no12 round), watercolor pencils and ink pens (01, 03, 05, 08)

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 90 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

12 - 15 years old

Additional Info:

  • Lessons can be taught either in Arabic, English, or a combination of both


Designers Collective
Indigo Towers
Jumeirah Lakes Towers - JLT

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123 ratings

Sahar Siddiqui
Sun, 28 Aug 2022, 11:01PM
"My daughter just absolutely adores Rita and cannot get enough of these classes. Rita gives time, attention, direction, career advice and shows genuine care towards her students. I was afraid that each session may be too long for my teen to stay attentive as she loses interest very quickly but she always tries to stay longer than the required time and says that she cannot even tell how quickly 3 hours pass. "
Angelina Khudik
Fri, 24 Jun 2022, 7:21PM
Mon, 24 Jan 2022, 7:17AM
" I started interior design classes with Rita to learn more about this field that has always made me dream. Rita's classes are very accessible, very concrete. We progress very quickly thanks to her explanations and practical advice. I learned perspective drawing, plans and sections. Rita adapts to everyone's level and is very attentive. I love it 😍"
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