English & Arabic Calligraphy Painting for Kids with Tauseef

English & Arabic Calligraphy Painting for Kids with Tauseef

by Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC)

1,195 AED

(VAT inclusive)

English & Arabic Calligraphy Painting for Kids with Tauseef

1,195 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Every Sat
Dubai - Jumeirah
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 75 days upon booking
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Let you kids try out something different, and introduce them to the mesmerizing art of calligraphy painting

With a class designed as a guide for beginners, your kids can choose between English or Arabic calligraphy - and the instructor will direct them on a step-by-step process. During the first 3 sessions, kids will begin by using the calligraphic pen on paper and practice their chosen style. Once they are confident in their design abilities, the remaining sessions will be dedicated to guidance on how to incorporate calligraphy within a painting.

Kids can choose to work on any design, whether it is a Quranic verse of religious significance, an abstract composition of alphabets or a quote they really like. They will have complete freedom to either adhere to strict codes of calligraphy or be spontaneous with modifications.

Throughout the sessions, your kids will be provided with photo stated samples of various scripts and writing styles, as well as a short history of the subjects - and cover a variety of techniques and compositions.

Students choosing to work on Arabic calligraphy have the option of working on either the Ruqa, Deewani or Naskhi styles.

Skill Level:



* Fee of approx AED 189 for Arabic & AED 210 for English will be applicable.
* Materials for Arabic:
Pen with ink cartridges or reed pen (qasb) with ink, A4 notebook, pencils, photostats & scripts, acrylic paints, plastic pallets, turpentine substitute, pastels, tracing paper, chart paper, gold leaf, glue, etc.
Students must bring their own canvas, flat brushes size 4 & 12, round brush size 0.
* Materials for English:
Calligraphy pen with cartridges, A4 writing pad, pencil, tracing paper, pastels, etc.
Students must bring their own canvas and brushes.

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 75 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

5 - 12 years old

Additional Info:

* Students will require 1 large canvas (30x36) or 2 medium canvases (16x20) depending on their choice of painting.
* Attendance certificate can be provided upon request.
* All prices listed are for non-members of DIAC. DIAC membership can be bought at the center for a fee of AED 367.5 (inc. VAT) per year.


Villa #27 - 75B Street
Jumeirah 1

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2 hours
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