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Volleyball classes in Dubai

Volleyball classes in Dubai
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Volleyball Classes and Trainings in Dubai 

Volleyball is for everyone! Volleyball is a fun sport played indoors and out on a sandy beach. Volleyball has come a long way from when the sport was invented back in 1895. Volleyball is now one of the big five international sports and is also the largest international sporting federation in the world. 

Have you never played volleyball, or play in volleyball tournaments or simply love a game of beach volleyball? Take your skills to the next level with skilldeer volleyball classes. 

Offering a variety of options, you’d be able to find the right level for you here. You can find year-round training from some of the best coaches in Dubai.

Volleyball 101 | Try a Game

All you need to play volleyball is a net, a ball and another player! Volleyball is typically played between two teams with six players each in the court. Teams play three to five sets against each other.

To win a set, a team must be the first to reach 25 points. To make a point, a team should hit the ball on to the ground on the other side of the net. Whoever wins more sets wins the match - it is as simple and a lot of fun!

Volleyball Practice | Adult Groups

Dig-nite your pass-ion for volleyball! Adults group trainings are sessions for volleyball lovers who are 18 years and older. These sessions are dedicated to those who are passionate about volleyball regardless of level, experience, or gender. 

The sessions cover fitness, drills, skill techniques and game practice. The games are played in mixed male and female teams. However, exclusive ladies only volleyball classes are available for women.

Fun in the Sun | Beach Volleyball

Dubai has indoor volleyball courts that can make you forget the heat. But when the weather is cooler, Dubai also has some great beaches to play at. Have fun in the sand and make beach volleyball your new activity during your spare time.

Each training is planned and organized by professional coaches with focus to be enjoyable and beneficial for every participant. 

Volleyball Training | Coaches

Professional coaches give you an amazing volleyball experience by sharing their knowledge and extensive coaching experience. Some of the coaches also have extensive knowledge from their own professional volleyball careers.

Volleyball coaching takes you through various volleyball training drills, shot training, vertical jump training, smash training and training workouts. You’ll get hungry playing volleyball because you can serve, but you won’t eat!

Beginner to Advanced | Training Levels

Let’s rally together! Everyone is welcome no matter the level of experience or skills. If you are a complete beginner and wondering how to train for volleyball, you are at the right place. Classes are available for professional level players looking to play in a volleball league or volleyball tournament as well.

Volleyball Class | Schedules

Volleyball group classes are available throughout the day at different times – from morning classes to evening and even night classes are available. Beach volleyball classes are available in the weekends as well. Go ahead and make it a fun beach day!

Private classes can be customised to suit your preferred timings and availability. These sessions can be taken at the comfort of your club or community volleyball court. 

Volleyball Academies | Locations

Volleyball courts are available across various locations in Dubai. skilldeer has offers at Emirates Hills, Umm Suqeim, Mirdif, Springs, Al Barsha, Dubai Healthcare City and more locations in Dubai. Beach volleyball classes are available at Dubai beaches, in Al Sufouh.

Volleyball Fun Facts | Dive right in

  1. Did you know that volleyball borrows elements from other games? It takes the net from tennis, the ball from basketball, from handball, the idea of playing with your hands, and from baseball the concept of innings.
  2. Beach volleyball started in 1930 and was introduced in the Olympics 66 years later, in 1996.
  3. On average, a player will jump 300 times per game. Now isn't that a great workout?
  4. A one-hand block in volleyball is called a 'Kong'. Remember King Kong on the Empire state building? The one hand squat at planes while balancing became the reference.