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Squash classes in Dubai

Squash classes in Dubai
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Squash Training: Group & Private in Dubai

Squash is a competitive sport that is played mostly one-on-one. This sport is typically physically demanding as it tests your mental strength, ability to think under pressure, tactical skills and fine motor skills!

skilldeer is your one stop for finding group squash classes, private squash lessons and more. The trainers are highly qualified squash professionals with years of experience.

The squash clubs offer squash training for all ages, levels and experiences. Squash beginner classes are available for both kids and adults.

If you are looking to play squash professionally and require a personalised coach, you can book the private lessons with a squash personal trainer.

How to Play Squash: From Serve to Finish

To get started with squash, you will just need access to a squash court, have a good racket and a squash ball.

Squash is played with two players. The game starts when the player serves the ball from the serving square. The server hits the ball against the far wall of the squash court. The aim is to bounce the ball back into the other half of the court.

The goal for both players is to keep hitting the ball against the front wall until your opponent cannot successfully get it back. The last person to successfully hit the wall during a volley wins a point. You can either do this by hitting the ball bouncing twice, or letting your opponent hit the ball out of play.

Does this seem like something you'd like? If your answer is yes, join a squash group or get a professional squash instructor now!

Where Can You Play Squash: Squash in Dubai

If you're looking for squash academy near you, skilldeer has partnered with squash academies around the city to make squash lessons accessible to everyone.

You may find more squash courts in Dubai than the number of squash players. Squash classes in Dubai are available across various locations in the city. Booking options are available in various locations at hotels, clubs, business buildings and some residential buildings which have squash facilities.

Why Squash: Torch the Calories

Squash is also a great workout and a fun activity to burns calories. A variety of squash-based fitness routines are part of the trainings, which not only is good cardio, but also keeps your mind stimulated and focussed. Competitive squash players can burn up to 900 calories per hour. An amateur or hobby player may burn about 400-500 calories per hour.

Whatever it maybe, you'll definitely work up a sweat. The energy you burn when playing squash helps tone you up and keep your weight in check.