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Learn horse riding in Dubai

Learn horse riding in Dubai
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About horse riding classes in Dubai

 Are you looking for an activity that combines leisure with adventure? Do you want to escape from the monotonous city life and indulge in a healthy and relaxing activity? Then take up our horse riding classes and enjoy the unique experience it offers.

Whether you are pursuing horse riding as a relaxing past-time or a sport, it offers various benefits. It helps in uplifting your mood and creates a positive state of mind. It makes you happy, cheerful, and more satisfied. It helps in building your core strength and gives you more energy. If you have a competitive spirit, you can even take part in the various competitions held by the equestrian club in Dubai.

There are several short-term and long-term horse riding courses in Dubai that lets you hone your horse-riding skills. These courses help you build a strong bond with the horses and helps to broaden your expertise in horse riding.

Private horse riding lessons Dubai provides you a 1-on-1 approach to every aspect of horseback riding, right from climbing atop the horse to riding it. You can also join the group horse riding classes or ladies only horse riding classes, that lets you master the skill in the company of like-minded people. Special classes are conducted to teach horse riding for kids as well.  Whether you want to ride on a horse in the pristine beaches of Dubai or the majestic desert, our expert instructors equip you for the same. 

Training with our experienced staff not only prepare you to enjoy a fantastic horse ride but also be part of the annual horse race conducted by the various horse riding club.

The horse riding classes Dubai are conducted at various locations of the city for your convenience.  The training dates are flexible, and you can choose one depending on your availability.

Learn the art of horse riding at your own pace with UAE’s best instructors.