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Thai cooking classes in Dubai

Thai cooking classes in Dubai
We found these awesome courses for you:

These Thai Food Classes Are a Treat!

All food has its own speciality. That much is true but what makes one cuisine unique from the other is the use of ingredients, the preparation and the culture behind it. For thai food lovers who want to learn how to make thai food, these thai cooking lessons will prove plenty of chances for you!

Learn thai cooking with expert professionals that will show you to sizzle and stir delicious dishes that will have your guests asking for more! If you’re not sure why you should book a class with us, read on to find out what our hand picked choices of thai cooking classes across Dubai has to offer you!

Recreate Your Favorite Dishes At Home

Be it your favorite pad thai, green or red curries, this is the perfect opportunity to recreate your favorites at home. Scroll through our list of thai food cooking class, book one of our thai cooking lessons and learn how to make tom yum soup (and many others) with the perfect blend of flavors. 

Learn the Stories Behind the Food

The best (and most interesting) part of thai food cooking classes are that the professionals behind it have a vast knowledge of the dishes they cook. You might even learn interesting stories about how the recipes were found, the significance behind a particular dish or what the locals consider as traditional food that is different from the rest of the world.  

Connect with Other Foodies

If you like socialising, then an activity where like minded people come together is the perfect place for you to find friends that share your interests. These thai food classes are where foodies that share your same taste buds gather. Who knows, the next time you visit a thai restaurant, you might have a partner thai foodie tag along!

Get Insider Tips from Professional Thai Cooks

How thin should your pad thai noodles be? Is it better to add coconut milk or curry paste? How do you slice the meat to get the perfect satay sticks? In these thai cooking classes, you’ll find your questions answered by professional chefs that are hand picked by us. So if you want to learn how to make pad thai in that perfect restaurant manner, then there is no better person to help you than professional restaurant chefs. If you are looking to take your skills an extra mile and go pro, then there are no better people that can give you insider tips to the thai cooking world. 

New Ingredients & How to Use Them

You might be an expert in knowing the names of thai food and its tastes but these thai cooking classes will expose you to all manner of ingredients and mixing them that you’ve never heard or seen before. These thai cooking classes are your chance to elevate your cooking prowess to the next level by showing you how to use ingredients you’ve never even considered picking up from the supermarket aisle before. 

What Makes Thai Cuisine Special

Now that we’ve discovered the reasons on why you should book a thai cooking class, let's find out why you should cook thai food if this is your first time venturing into this cuisine world. 

Fresh Ingredients

Now you can argue that a lot of countries do this but we beg to differ. Thailand is one of the countries that is abundant in herb and vegetable resources and by default all their food always uses fresh ingredients. Even the street vendors. If you want to get the wholesome flavors of thai food then you can never do that with frozen items. Thai food uses the freshest of ingredients all.the.time. 

Small Portions, All Nutritions

Thai food is usually small plate food that is packed with all sorts of veggies and proteins that give you your wanted amount of nutrition. If you learn how to make pad thai, you will learn to create a dish that mixes nuts, proteins, veggies and carbs. If you want something more spicy and edgy, then learn how to make tum yum soup for a burst of spice but with nutritional value of seafood, lemongrass, herbs and veggies. 

Veggies In Every Dish

Thai food is incomplete without veggies. If you are someone that loves their amount of green goods then these thai cooking lessons will show you how to incorporate vegetables into all types of savory dishes. From complex dishes for experts to simple dishes catered to those who are looking for thai cooking for beginners, we have them all listed here!

Burst of Flavors

Thai food is known for a lot of things and one thing most definitely is for their amount of flavors. Each dish has its unique tastes that will cater to all sorts of taste buds. For example, you can learn how to make thai green curry if you want powerful spicy flavors or you could go for the simple meats and learn how to make chicken satay.