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Soup courses in Dubai

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Make Delicious Soup

If those youtube “do it yourself” soup making videos are not helping you get that delicious broth and the aromatic scent of ingredients then it's time to get your hands on really great soup recipes that will satisfy both the heart and the stomach with soup making classes! With expert chefs, some cool soup making tips and a professional kitchen environment, it's sure to make cooking soup all the more fun! 

You can learn all kinds of soups from different continents and cultures. You might even figure out a way to create your own special recipe in the soup making classes! 

Soup is Healthy!

Soups can be a blend of nutrition, packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant ingredients. It is easy to prepare and eating soup at the start of the meal can curb your hunger so you don’t end up overeating other things. Our soup making classes will show you how to make soup with instructions and soup making tips you won’t find on any youtube channel! 

Classical soups

While all soups are great, you can never go wrong with the classics!

Chicken soup - No soup is complete without the good ol’ chicken soup. In fact, this soup is so healthy that it is used as “get-well-food” when you’re down with a common cold! Our list of top tier chefs will instruct you how to make chicken soup with high quality ingredients. 

Tom Yum Soup - The darling soup of Thai cuisine, Tom Yum Soup is famous throughout the world for its spicy and equally non spicy counterpart. The rich, tangy taste of lemongrass, kefir leaves and spices has made this a favorite among soup lovers. These lists of soup making classes are definite to teach you curious chefs how to make tom yum soup in its traditional and tasty way. With or without noodles!

Pho - With herbs and different types of meat, a hungry diner (or house guest) will slurp on this delicious pho soup! Learn how to make pho with soup making tips to create the ultimate pho soup!

Miso Soup - The delicious flavoring of Miso soup comes from Miso, a Japanese seasoning by fermenting soybeans with salt. With a delicious seaweed stock, miso soup is known to be a delicious dish all throughout the world. If you love drinking Miso soup then you will love it even more as you learn how to make miso soup in the best way possible!

Soups as Starters and Main meals

If there is one type of dish you can use as both starters as main meals, then its soup! Make it light on the stomach with mostly broth then it's good as an appetizer before a full course meal. Add a bit of noodles, meat and the lot and it's ready as a main course! For those who are watchful about their diets, learning how to make soup will help you in watching your health! We even have incredible soup recipes in our soup making class that is all vegan, vegetarian and what-not! Yes, that means you can also learn how to make vegetable soup. 

Clear & Thick Soup

With soups being made all over the world, you can bet that you will find light and heavy soups or in other words, clear & thick soups! So if you want a heavy stomach filling, brothy dish then our soup making class will show you just how to cook them. For those who are looking for light ones, we have those covered too!