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DIY Welding Workshop

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330 AED

(VAT inclusive)

DIY Welding Workshop

330 AED

(VAT inclusive)

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Sun, 24th Mar 2019 6:00PM
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Dubai - Al Quoz
Cancellation Policy: 24 hours prior to course start with full refund
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Ever wanted to know how to join two pieces of metal together? Create a cool sculpture or piece of furniture? Or just wanted to wear the cool mask? Welding for Beginners is the right class for you.

In this class you will learn the standard operating procedure of the MIG welding machine, parts and auxiliaries, and how to use the fabrication table and clamping systems. You will be cutting a metal stock to the required length, turning, milling and finishing a part to provide a polished finish. At the end of the class you will have developed a basic understanding and hands-on preliminary skills in using metal fabrication tools and machines.

Furthermore, you will receive instructions about the right attire for welding and how to safely set up the space, position the screen shield, use the welding helmet, set up the fume extractor and how to configure the welding machine and gas for the particular job intended and then acquire a close feel of the welding flow and an ability to differentiate between a good and a bad weld.

Upon the successful completion of this workshop, you will be eligible to become a member of the community and be granted access to the metal bandsaw, the chop saw, the grinder and the MIG welder and the Argon-CO2 cylinder in the shop.


* Required clothes & safety measures: No loose hair, loose clothing, rings, bracelets, jewelry or any garments that can become entangled with moving parts. Full trousers closed footwear
* All safety gear will be provided

Cancellation Policy:

24 hours prior to course start with full refund

Age Requirements:

16 and older


Al Quoz 3 - Al Quoz
Yousef Al Sharhan Complex, Warehouse #2
Al Quoz

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47 ratings

Chris Wing
Thu, 31st Jan 2019, 2:27PM
"Glad to see this kind of workspace in Dubai. The class was really interesting and the trainer was great!"
Taibah Gadi
Thu, 3rd Jan 2019, 4:59PM
"Great class, indeed. Opens a world if possibility. There were 4 of us, and it was a wonderful break from routine life in Dubai fir all of us. The instructor showed us how to use a few essential machines and gave each one of us a turn at them. We each got out with a finished small candle holder made of wood, crafted by iwn own hands."
Anas Abouabdalla
Thu, 27th Dec 2018, 3:26PM
"It is a great class for any beginner. Got to use machines that I only saw on videos like the jointer, planer, table saw, router, drill and sand belt. The wokshop was nicely paced and the instructor was engaging and kept the content interesting. We learned about safety procedures when using the machines and came out with with a small something that I made myself "
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