Online Class: Learn Drums & Congas with Osmany Ramírez
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Online Class: Learn Drums & Congas with Osmany Ramírez

by Osmany "Miti" Ramirez

190 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Online Class: Learn Drums & Congas with Osmany Ramírez

190 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Osmany "Miti" Ramirez
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Online Class
All Levels
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 90 days upon booking
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March to the beat of your own drums!

Percussive instruments are often the backbone of any song, so learn how to play the right beats and practice different musical styles from professional drummer Osmany Ramírez. In this private, online class, you will become familiar with your instrument, develop hand-and-feet coordination, learn to read musical notes, and hit some beats with musical accompaniment.

For complete beginners, 10 sessions are recommended to learn the basics of drums or congas. For those with basic experience, you can take 5 sessions to master playing different musical genres, improvisation techniques, and band dynamics. You can also choose to take 1 session for a trial class. Each session is 45 minutes long.

You have the option to learn any one instrument:

  • Course outline for drums:
    • Battery parts
    • Technical mastery of drumsticks
    • Battery sounds
    • Independence and abilities of the four extremities
    • Mastery of musical genres
    • Improvisation resource domain
    • Reading of sheet music
    • How to accompany a band
  • Course outline for congas:
    • Master the sounds
    • Master different genres
    • Displacement
    • Improvisation (resources)

About the Instructor

Osmany Ramirez is the drummer of the Cuban band, Anayvis Club. He is also a professor of different percussion instruments including drums, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, timpani, symphonic percussion set, and Cuban & Afro Cuban percussions. He studied at the University of ISA (Higher Arts Institute) in Havana from 2013 to 2017 and was assigned to teach Cuban symphonic and popular percussion to students from different countries.

Skill Level:

All Levels


* Students need to have drums or congas at home, depending on which instrument they want to learn
* A device with the Zoom app

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 90 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

5 and older

Additional Info:

* Upon booking the class, the instructor will contact you to set the schedule as per your availability and provide you with a link to the online portal, where the class will be conducted


Via Zoom App
Online Class

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1 rating

Sara Tabana
Thu, 15 Jul 2021, 6:49PM
"I absolutely loved it. Mitti is very professional but so friendly and has such good energy. He’s a great teacher. I had a lot of fun learning the Congas with him :) "