Online Class: Chess Coaching - Ages 5+
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Online Class: Chess Coaching - Ages 5+

by The Young Studio

159 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Online Class: Chess Coaching - Ages 5+

159 AED

(VAT inclusive)

6 days a week
Online Class
Beginner & Intermediate
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 30 days upon booking
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Mind sports keep your mind active, and chess is the perfect place to start!

This online class is designed for absolute beginners or for interested players who have some knowledge of how a game is played or the rules. The experienced coaches will walk you through the right techniques and rules on how to play and win at a chess game!

This class runs in two batches. You can attend as many sessions you want from one batch you choose:

1- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

2- Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Course Outline:

Section 1. Introduction to chess and Rules of the Game and a Few Checkmates

1. The Board Reading

2. Pieces (Names & Values of the pieces)

3. Purpose of the Game: Checkmate

4. Attacking & Capturing

5. Special Moves (Castling, Promotion, En Passant)

6. Choices When a Piece is Attacked

7. Check

8. Checkmate

9. Stalemate and Other Draws in Addition to Stalemate

10. Touch Move

Section 2. The Basic Opening and Trap

1. King Pawn opening,

2. Danish Gambit

3. Scotch Gambit

4. Ruy lopez

5. French Defence

6. Caro Kan Defence

7. Owens Defence

8. Alakhine Defence

9. Sicilian Defence

10. Evans Gambit

11.Queen Pawn opening

13.Queens Gambit accepted

14.Queens Gambit Declined

15. Kings Indian Defence,

16. Nimzo Indian Defence

17. Scandinavian Defence

Section 3: The Middlegame and Tactics

1. The Profitable Exchange

2. Counting Attackers and Defenders

3. Trades

4. Twenty Commandments

5. Basic Tactics

6. Forks

1. Pins

2. Skewers

3. Discovery

4. Overload/Attacking the Defender

5. Mixed Tactics

Section 4: The Endgame, and More Checkmates

1. General Ideas

2. Checkmate Puzzles

3. Few Endgame Ideas in More Detail

4. Promotion and Zugzwang

5. Square of the Pawn

6. Pawn Endgames

Skill Level:

Beginner & Intermediate


All materials will be provided

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 30 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

5 and older


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